Fluid Components Intl.

March 22, 2006
Panel-mount digital display for flow meters
Panel Mount Display
DM20 digital display shows totalized flow readings from thermal dispersion mass flow meters. The display replaces standard electro-mechanical counters and features CMOS technology. It incorporates a single line 8-digit B&W LCD display that is 0.276 in. high, and is self-powered with a lithium battery (included) capable of lasting up to ten years. No separate powering is required. The model features a 10 kHz count speed, slow speed input for contact closures and high speed input for linking inputs from a maximum of 18 Vdc without a module. The display also is UL approved, CSA listed and CE certified for rigorous industrial environments. It features a reset line, which can be activated via a front-panel push-button or via a contact closure to rear-mounted screw terminal block, and can be mounted in a separate enclosure or control room. It is sized at 0.944 inches (h) -x- 1.89 inches (w) -x- 1.20 (d) inches (24-x-48-x-30.5 mm).  

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