Emerson Process Management's Hastelloy C-22 Coriolis sensing tube

March 6, 2006
Coriolis sensing tube offers high-pressure options
Coriolis Sensing Tube
Hastelloy C-22 Coriolis sensing tube is available for use in environments encountering corrosive fluids, and the high pressure option can be specified for use in applications with pipeline pressures up to 4,500 psi (300 bar). These options can be provided on the QMBM (meter) and QMBS (sensor) products. The design incorporates a patent-pending tube-to-body joining technology in which the sensing tube is sealed to the body with a high-purity weld, thus significantly reducing corrosion potential. The tube protects against chlorides or other similar applications where stress corrosion may be a concern, or in applications where erosion of the stainless steel tube may occur over time. The high pressure option should be specified for any application with a maximum pressure between 1,500 and 4,500 psi (100 and 300 bar).