Fluid Components Intl.

Aug. 15, 2005
Air/gas flowmeter goes wireless
Flowmeter Goes WirelessThe ST75 air/gas flowmeter uses wireless IR technology and a PDA to allow engineers to obtain measurements, make setting changes and read trouble-shooting codes without opening the instrument.The wireless IR link eliminates the need for proprietary programmers, simplifies maintenance and reduces the overall cost of use.It comes with user interface software for downloading into any Palm-OS based PDA. The ST75 Flowmeter measures air or gas flows in line sizes from 0.25 to 2.0 inches (6 to 51mm) with a single instrument and provides three unique outputs of the mass flow rate, totalized flow and media temperature. Combining a non-clogging, small-size thermal dispersion sensing element with sophisticated microprocessor-based electronics and precision calibration, the ST75 delivers fast, direct mass flow measurement without the need for any other sensors to reduce installation complexity and eliminate maintenance scheduling. The ST75 Flowmeter is available in nine different line size configurations between 0.25 and 2 inches (6 to 51 mm) in standard T-fittings, either NPT or tube, for quick, easy in-line installation. It services a wide flow range, from 0.008 to 839 SCFM (0.013 to 1425 NCMH) depending on line size, which makes it equally well suited for low flow and high flow applications. The ST75 provides ±2% of reading accuracy with ±0.5% repeatability and includes media temperature compensation for performance in industrial environments. Standard outputs are fully scaleable 4-20mA and 0-10V that are user assignable to flow rate and/or temperature and a 0-1kHz pulse output of total flow. The instrument can be ordered for powering by 24Vdc or 115/230VAC.The ST75 Flowmeter was developed to be the lowest cost, small-line mass flow solution for use in processes flowing natural gas, methane, other fuel gases, combustionair as well as oxygen, nitrogen and all inert gases and compressed air. It is ideal for use in fuel and air feed lines to furnaces, burners, industrial ovens, heat treating systems, boilers, and power co-gen equipment found in a wide variety of manufacturing and process industries. In compressed air distribution lines, where significant energy cost savings can be realized by improving efficiency of compressors, the ST75 accurately measures actual air flow and is sensitive enough at low flows to signal leakage. Designed with FCI's proven thermal dispersion sensing technology, the ST75's rugged sensing element features 316 stainless steel construction with Hastelloy-C tips. Its no-moving parts design ensures superior service life. There are also no orifices or inlets to clog or foul, which significantly reduces scheduled maintenance and eliminates unplanned shut-downs. The ST75 is an ideal replacement for differential pressure, orifice plate, turbine and vortex technology meters in rugged or dirty plant environments. The ST75 is enclosed in a rugged, all-metal, dust and water resistant, NEMA Type 4X (IP66) rated package that is designed for hazardous area installation in Groups B, C, D, E, F, G and Eex d IIC environments. Whether adding flow sensing to improve a process or replacing poorly performing or high-maintenance flowmeters, the ST75 provides an accurate, fast response and low-maintenance solution for smaller line size gas and air flow applications.