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15 level control solutions that up the ante

May 13, 2022
Innovations in ultrasonics, radar, pressure, controllers and conductive liquid sensing gain traction
Sensitive to conductive liquids

ProSense CLC series conductive-liquid level controllers detect and control tap water, seawater, sewage, chemical solutions, coffee, milk, etc in dual-probe, pump-up (fill) and/or pump-down (drain) applications. A wide adjustable sensitivity range is included for a variety of liquid types. ProSense pulses the probes with a DC voltage to prevent potential electroplating issues, while the output relay can control pumps, solenoids or valves to automatically lower, raise or maintain the liquid level in the tank.


Sensor with chip measures all applications

VEGAPULS 6X radar sensor measures in every level application by using a new radarchip, simpler operation, and a self-diagnosis system that immediately detects damage or interference, and ensures higher availability and safety, which enables it to be the first 80-GHz sensor that's SIL certified. VEGAPULS 6X also complies with IEC 62443-4-2 security standard. Because it can handle any application, users don't have to worry about choosing between technologies, frequencies or instrument versions.

VEGA Americas

Ultrasonic with dual inputs

U-Gage T30 ultrasonic sensors with dual discrete outputs from Banner Engineering feature simple, pushbutton programming to provide flexibility in demanding environments, such as gauging when sensing liquid levels in a tank or sensing most clear materials. Each sensor includes two discrete outputs, which may be programmed independently with different window limits or together with identical limits. Each output can be set with a sensing distance setpoint centered within a 10 mm window.

Digi-Key Electronics

Auto-calibrating radar gauge

Patented Acurage with guided-wave radar (GWR) is reported to be the first auto-calibrating radar gauge for true level reading and instant-spot, smart calibration. It's an ASME-approved level measuring instrument that displays the level of process fluids in real-time via digital display and a built-in, sight-glass tube. Acurage also features a built-in, safety-ball check system to protect users from accidentally spilling process liquid in the unlikely event of glass breakage.

Hawk Measurement

Ultrasonic, non-contact with LED

LUS211 ultrasonic, programmable, non-contact level sensor with local LED display measures solid and liquid levels, and isn't susceptible to material build-up or damage. It also features a rotatable, stainless-steel housing and capacitive touchpad menu navigation to simplify programming. IO-Link, switching or analog outputs and easy vessel geometry parameterization provide flexibility. LUS211 can determine tank fill percentage or volumes in gallons or liters, and is ideal for level sensing in non-pressurized vessels.


80 GHz, two-wire, burst radar

Model W-200 Pilotrek two-wire, 80-GHz (W band) pulse-burst radar level transmitters include the WP-210 model for water/wastewater processes and measuring liquids, masses and emulsions. W-200 has a measuring range up to 1,181 in. for liquids and masses, achieves accuracy of ±0.787 in,, and has a 1 in. and 1.5 in. encapsulated horn antenna that allows easily installation. It also features an integrated design with IP68 protection, user-friendly threshold management, and upcoming Ex variant.

Nivelco USA

Compensating capillary type diaphragm

EJXC80A with compensation capillary type diaphragm seal is the latest in the EJX differential pressure level series. The compensating capillary balances the volume and temperature of fill fluids between high and low pressure side capillaries. EJXC80A reduces the influence of ambient temperature drift caused by day-to-night, season-to-season, or shady-to-sunny swings. Combined with DPharp sensor, this solution provides stability for all DP level measurements.


Adaptable with ultrasonic

UC18GS ultrasonic sensors detect fill levels regardless of color and other optical properties. It has a sound beam radius that's easily adjusted with pushbuttons on the instrument or via software. UC18GS also features a measuring range up to 1,000 mm; very small dead bands of 30 mm with response of 70 mm; IO-Link 1.1 infrared interface IrDA; 2x push-pull switching output or 1x push-pull switching output and 1x analog output (current/voltage); ambient temperature range of -25 to 70 °C; and IP67 protection.


Visible flag, wide view angle

1100 Series magnetic level indicator (MLI) is reported to use one of the widest, most visible indicating flag designs, which can be easily read from 250 feet (76 meters). Along with its patented, 200° vista viewing angle indicator and a five-year warranty on the chamber, 1100 Series MLI includes nitrogen-purged and sealed indicators. With designs for flashing/boiling applications and cryogenics, SOR can customize a magnetic level indicator for rigorous conditions.

SOR Inc.

Pressure that's economical for level

Differential pressure transmitters deliver accuracy of ±0.065% of calibrated span (standard) to ±0.04% of calibrated span (optional). Available with direct- or capillary-mounted diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters for static pressure can serve at up to 1,035 bar (15,000 psi). Their 97% safety failure ratio achieves what's reported to be the best avaiable safe failure fraction (SFF). They work with all liquids and in closed or open tanks.

Fuji Electric

Ultrasonic sensors find true levels

Signet 2260 ultrasonic level transmitter and 2270 ultrasonic level sensor provide reliable, maintenance-free measurement, and can differentiate between condensation or agitation and the true level of the medium. They use a narrow beam that allows safe installation in limited space tanks and near static objects, display blind and Atex-approved readings, and feature ±0.05% accuracies of the measurement range. Signet 2270 sensors are available in PP, PVDF, and in 4 m and 6 m sizes with 1.5 in. and 2 in. threads.

GF Piping Systems

Compact, no moving parts, polysulfone

ELS-1100 series single-point, optical level switch from Gems Sensors is a compact, economical, no-moving-parts, polysulfone level sensor with built-in switching electronics. It's available with a variety of mountings, power requirements and electrical terminations. ELS-1100 is suitable for high, low or intermediate level detection. Installation is simple and quick through the tank top, bottom or side. The sensor offers ±1 mm repeatability and broad liquid compatibility.


Slim and three sensitivity ranges

Two new conductive level controllers, CLD2EB1BU24 and CLP2EB1Bxxx, provide precise filling or emptying control of liquid levels between two points, as well as one SPDT relay output rated up to 8 A, 250 VAC. CLD2EB1BU24 is slim and provides three sensitivity ranges, plus a fine-tune adjustment from 250Ω to 500kΩ, enabling control of a variety of liquids, such as saltwater, sewage and chemicals. CLP2EB1Bxxx provides one mid-range sensitivity adjustment from 5kΩ to 150kΩ, and supports common applications.

Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

Preprogramming, diagnostics logging

Sitrans LT500 HydroRanger/MultiRanger level controller gives users the control they expect using their preferred sensor technology. Complete with preprogrammed pumping routines, advanced diagnostics, onboard data logging and high-accuracy flow measurement, LT500 controller keeps operations compliant with even the most stringent environmental regulations. It can also help users avoid peak energy times to reduce carbon footprints, and minimize the need for site visits thanks to its reliability and connectivity.


Detector for plugged chutes, conveying

DJ durable level detectors provide high-point level detection of bulk solids in dusty environments and on vessels with vibrators. They require no adjustments and are virtually wear-free. DJs have no moving parts, gaskets or seals, and rely on mechanical oscillations to determine if the probe is covered or uncovered. Signals from DJ operate a single-pole, double-throw relay in the control unit, while the relay contacts actuate alarms, indicator lights or control devices.

Dynatrol division of Automation Products Inc.
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