Product roundup: Level continuously improves media measures

May 28, 2020
From liquids to bulk solids, level sensing and measurement refinements keep on coming

Point levels and proof tests

Liquiphant FTL51B and FTL41 vibrating fork (vibronic) level instruments detect liquid point levels, and provide proof test, verification, and IIoT functions. FTL51B has a vibronic sensor that's unaffected by changing media properties, flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, vibration or build-up. It works at -58 °F to 302 °F (-50 to 150°C) and pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar). The economical FTL41 works at lower pressures, up to 580 psi (40 bar), and with a narrower temperature range of -40 °F to 302 °F (-40 to 150 °C).


Radar performance for ultrasonic price

VEGAPULS 80 GHz radar sensors use precision focusing to deliver reliable measurements regardless of internal obstructions, changing temperatures, condensation or dust. Its new series includes a standalone, loop-powered sensor available either as a compact version with cable connection housing or with an IP68 housing and fixed cable connection. VEGAPULS' sensors can be easily adjusted via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet PC, which making setup and diagnostics easier.

VEGA Americas
800-FOR-LEVEL (367-5383)

Programmable, probe-style sensor

LS-5 is a programmable, probe-style level sensor that measures liquids in metal or plastic containers, and displays levels, while its analog and switching outputs send process data to a control system. LS-5 has IO-Link on all models, and includes a cut-to-length probe, auto-detect outputs and a rotatable housing for easy installation and commissioning; continuous level and point-level monitoring in one device; and customizable programming features compensation for interference by foams, clingy media and other factors.


Compensation capillary for DP level

EJX Series differential pressure level devices have added a compensation capillary-type diaphragm seal system to help balance the volume and temperature of fill fluids between high- and low-pressure side capillaries. Primary features include accuracy of up to ±0.025% of span, stability of ±0.1% of URL for 15 years, SIL 2 for safety, DP and P multi-sensing, 200:1 turndown, and 90 msec response time. EJX reduces the influence of ambient temperature drift, and combines with DPharp sensor technology for stability.

Yokogawa Corp. of America 

Guided wave radar for SIL 2/3

Eclipse Model 706 is a loop-powered, 24-VDC level transmitter based on guided wave radar (GWR), and is suitable for use in SIL 2/3 certified safety loops. It has no moving parts, and can be interchanged with all probe types up to 850 °F/6,250 psi (450 °C/431 bar). Eclipse 706 can serve in saturated-steam applications up to 3,000 psi (207 bar) and 800 °F (425 °C) with a side-mounted chamber, and in cryogenic applications down to -320 °F (-196 °C). Electronics can also be mounted up to 12 ft (3.6 m) from its probe.

Magnetrol International

Sonic smarts for reliable measurements

HydroRanger 200 HMI is an ultrasonic level controller for up to six pumps, and provides control, differential control and open channel flow monitoring for water/wastewater applications. It provides an economical, low-maintenance solution delivering control efficiency and productivity. HydroRanger 200 also has digital communications with built-in Modbus RTU via RS 485 to provide options such as Profinet, Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP to easily connect via popular Ethernet-based networks.


Assist for solids, safety in silos 

Rosemount vibrating-fork, paddle, capacitance and vibrating-rod switches provide level monitoring and overfill prevention. Rosemount 2511 and 2521 vibrating-fork switches handle light, fine grains and powders, and are ATEX certified. Rosemount 2501 rotary paddle can be a full, demand or empty detector, and withstands heavy loads and up to 1,100 °C. Rosemount 2555 capacitance handles materials with dielectric values as low as 1.5, and prevents build-ups. Rosemount 2535 vibrating-rod resists chemicals.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Measure liquid and solids levels

LWT300 series guided wave radar (GWR) is reported to be an intuitive device for liquid and solid level measurements. With its embedded algorithm, it automatically differentiates between the actual measured level and false signals. Operators enter installation data and basic process conditions. LWT300 is designed to perform in temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F), under process pressures reaching 200 bar (2,900 psi), and comply with the SIL2 certification for functional safety.


Switch complies with NFPA Code 30

FLT93 SIL-2 rated level switches comply with NFPA Code 30, which helps prevent accidents by reducing hazards associated with the storage, handling and use of flammable and combustible liquids. They detect tank overfill conditions, issue warning alarms, and provide control for liquid shut-off or diversion. For level and interface service, FLT93 has an accuracy of ±0.25 in. (±6.4 mm) with a repeatability of ±0.125 in. (±3.2 mm). Response time is as low as 3 seconds.

Fluid Components International

Continuous sensor, built-in diagnostics

KQ10 level sensor simplifies level control on small tanks, and can be set with multiple switch points. Other features include continuous level feedback on small plastic tanks, eliminating chemical compatibility issues; mounts outside tanks to avoid media interference and eliminate penetrations; automates reorder or refill point triggers, and signals build-up via IO-Link, enabling real-time maintenance and downtime prevention. KQ10's 0% to 100% values can be transferred via IO-Link over 250 mm.

ifm efector

Powder measurement in dusty atmospheres

Optiwave 6500C radar level transmitter provides continuous measurement of powders in dusty atmospheres, and features 80 GHz (FMCW) bandwidth radar and a 70 mm lens antenna for environments with low-reflective media. With a measuring range extending over 100 meters, Optiwave 6500C is ideal for uneven surfaces or tanks with obstacles. Other advanced features include Peek Lens antennas with concave and convex lenses for distances up to 100 meters, and an LCD screen with a four-button keypad.

Krohne Inc.
800-FLOWING (356-9464)

Teflon-coating for bulk solids

Dynatrol CL-10GJ CIP Teflon-coated bulk solids level switch obtains high, intermediate or low level measurement in storage bins or hoppers. Its vibrating-paddle design provides consistent results on bulk solids that have a tendency to pack or bridge, such as powders, granules and flakes. CL-10GJ's typical density range is 10-15 lb/ft3, and it's suitable for NEMA 4x washdown duties. Its components are solidly constructed for a long operating life, and with no moving parts or required field adjustments, it's virtually wear-free.

Automation Products Inc., Dynatrol division
800-231-2062 or 713-869-0361

Non-contact, reflective ultrasonic

Non-contact EchoPod and EchoTouch reflective ultrasonic liquid level sensors feature Flowline’s Reflective Technology for reliable level measurement in condensing environments. Both general-purpose and intrinsically safe versions have continuous level measurement, switching and control capabilities. The standard 4-20 mA output is easily monitored by a PLC or other controller. Models with four relays can be configured for level alarms and/or stand-alone level control such as automatic fill or empty functions.


Transmitter adds high-level switch

Level Plus (LP) LevelLimit liquid level transmitter combines a magnetorestrictive level transmitter with an electrically isolated HI high-level switch. It has ±1 mm inherent accuracy; includes IS approval from FM for the U.S., Canada, ATEX, and IECEx, and features five-in-one measurement of product level, interface level, temperature, volume and HI level switch. LevelLimit is available with a flexible hose for tanks up to 22 m (72.2ft.) or a rigid pipe for tanks 7.6 m (25ft.) or less. Standard connection is a 4-in. NPT fitting.

MTS Sensors

Indicator with 200° viewing angle

1100 Series magnetic level indicator (MLI) has one of the widest, most visible indicating flag designs, which can be easily read from 250 ft (76 m). The patented vista indicator uses a curved polycarbonate lens with flattened ridges on the inside, which redirects light in all directions, allowing for a 200° viewing angle. 1100 Series is an alternative to sight glasses because vessel contents are contained in the float chamber, making it ideal for high-pressure systems.

Sor INC.

Expandable scintillator detectors

LB480 SENSeries scintillator detectors range from 25 mm point detectors to 8 m rod detectors, and can be cascaded to expand range. Externally mounted, fully non-contact components are impervious to corrosion, dust, falling product, agitation and extreme temperatures and pressure. They achieve patented temperature and aging stability, which for virtually no-maintenance, non-contact gamma-based level measurements. Approvals include IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K; NEMA 4X, NEMA 6; and Class I, II, III, Div 1.

Berthold Technologies USA

Independent TDR measurement

NGR guided-wave level transmitter uses time-domain reflectometry (TDR) that's independent of density, temperature, pressure, humidity or conductivity. It handles deposit-forming and foaming liquids, so it's suitable for small vessels. NGR features low maintenance costs and quick commissioning, while its sensing probe, with a maximum length of 78 in., is easily trimmed in the field. It also has intuitive setup using four buttons and a digital display. NGR operates in temperatures up to 212 °F and pressures up to 145 psig.

Kobold Instruments Inc.

Ultrasonic sensor for many uses

30GM70 series ultrasonic sensors are easily customized, including in difficult installations with interfering objects, and where parameterization is required without interrupting a process. Versions with rotating or remote transducers provide installation flexibility. It's also available as the 30GM-IO series diffuse mode sensor, which is a multifunctional solution for a host of applications, including fill level measurement. They're also simple to parameterize, either using buttons on the sensor or via the IO-Link interface.


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