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Product roundup: level finds new heights

June 1, 2017
Familiar technologies from Endress+Hauser, Orion Instruments, Vega Americas, Emerson, and others, are being enhanced with new and useful bells and whistles.

Free-space radar with Bluetooth

Micropilot FMR10 and FMR20 free-space radar level transmitters have Bluetooth wireless communications and 4-20 mA outputs that allow remote configuration via the SmartBlue app. FMR10 measures liquid levels at ranges up to 16 feet with 0.2 inch accuracy, while FMR20 measures levels up to 66 feet with 0.08 inch accuracy. They also have protection up to IP66/68 and NEMA 4X/6P.


Level sensors add point switches

Flowline level sensors have added point-level switches to provide ultrasonic, vibrating fork, capacitive and buoyancy functions, while three configurations of Switch-Pro remote level controllers have been added for easy configuration. LU10 ultrasonic is available in two styles. LZ12 vibrating fork is a general-purpose point-level switch. LP15 capacitance is designed for non-metallic tanks.


Unrestricted magnetostrictive 

Jupiter JM4 magnetostrictive level transmitter is available as a direct insertion option, as well as an external mount on any Orion magnetic level indicator (MLI) or modular instrumentation bridle. In addition, JM4's other enhancements include greater signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), full graphic local user interface, HART 7.0 (Foundation fieldbus available), local waveform capture, and a more intuitive device type manager (DTM) allowing remote configuration, trending and diagnostics.

Orion Instruments / 225-906-2343

Focusing for chemicals

Vegapuls 64 is reported to be the world's first 80-GHz radar level sensor for measuring liquids. Because its antenna is integrated into the process fitting, none of it protrudes into the vessel, which makes it possible to measure all the way up to the process fitting itself. Vegapuls 64 is suitable for tanks with heating coils and agitators due to its tightly focused measuring beam. With an antenna diameter of 80 mm, the radar sensor’s transmission signal has an opening angle of just 3° to make sure that only product gets measured.

VEGA Americas Inc. / 800-FOR-LEVEL (367-5383)

Wired hart, vibrating fork

Rosemount 2140 is reported to be the world’s first wired-HART, vibrating-fork level detector. Compatible with HART 5 and HART 7 hosts, the detector enables continuous monitoring of electronic and mechanical health. Its Frequency Profiling function detects any buildup, fork blockage or excessive corrosion, while its Power Advisory function monitors voltage and current drawn over the device’s lifetime with an alert for potential issues. An optional integral LCD shows switch output states and diagnostics.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Multivariable tank system talks

Total tank level measurement system is enhanced to include dual 4-20 mA and HART outputs in addition to its standard Modbus protocol for measuring total level, interface level and temperature. It incorporates proven magnetostrictive sensing, and features multivariable functionality. It's accurate to 0.01% of measured span—less than 1 mm absolute—over the measurement range. The tank level measurement system is also intrinsically safe, explosion-proof, and all-welded.

Ametek Drexelbrook / 215-674-1234

Smarter, non-contact radar

Pulsar Model R86 non-contact radar transmitter's 26-GHz signal has a smaller wavelength, resulting in smaller antennas and improved, 1-mm resolution. The smaller beam angle allows installation into connections as small as 1.5 in. Automated echo capture conveys real-time waveform and trend data. High-temperature antennas are designed for use in conditions up to 750 °F (400 °C). There are also nozzle extensions from 4 in. to 72 in. (100 mm to 1.8 m).

Magnetrol International / 630-969-4000

Laser level for bad places

LLT100 laser level transmitter is designed to serve in industrial applications and harsh environments, and replaces open-path radar and other level transmitters. It provides continuous, non-contact level measurement capabilities for process automation and inventory management in industries such as mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverage, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals and water/wastewater.

ABB Inc. / 800-435-7365

Volume and levels to 98 feet

Loop-powered Optiwave 5200 C/F radar measures volume and levels to 98 ft in tanks or other containments in process industry applications up to 482 °F and 580 psi in ordinary or hazardous settings. In addition, PP and PTFE antennas feature process connections as small as 1.5 inch or metal horns in 3-8-in. diameters. Display housing rotates freely, and its quick coupling system allows removal without emissions. The remote converter version can be up 328 ft from the antenna.

Krohne Inc. / 800-FLOWING (356-9464)

Cubic sensor does continuous

LFP Cubic level sensor for reliable detection of liquid levels is based on time-domain reflectometry (TDR) for determining time-of-flight of electromagnetic waves. It enables continuous level measurement and point level detection of fluids with one sensor. The  line also features interchangeable and retractable probes from 200 mm to 2,000 mm, cable probes up to 4,000 mm, remote amplifier, IO-Link interface, IP67 enclosure rating, and titanium process connection for high chemical resistance.


Sanitary setting radar

Type 8138 is a non-contact radar level transmitter that's particularly suitable for small vessels containing beverage liquids under sanitary conditions. The transmitter has a maximum 150 °C fluid temperature and, depending on the connection, up to 16 bar pressure, which makes steam sterilization possible. It's compact for level measurement up to 20 meters. It has two-wire, 4-20 mA/HART networking, and can be configured with a PC. It also has ATEX approvals, as well as clamps and Varivent process connections.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems / 949-223-3100

Two with advanced radar

Type 2290 unguided and Type 2291 guided radar level transmitters use advanced sensing for higher accuracy. Type 2290 is available in different materials to resist corrosives, Type 2290’s tank mapping makes it easy to block out objects like internal pipes, welding seams, stirrers or heating elements. Type 2291 is designed for continuous level measuring of conductive or non-conductive liquids, pulps or solids, and maintains consistent measurement even in tough conditions like turbulent process vessels.

GF Piping Systems / 800-854-4090

Radar sports parabolic antenna 

Model W-100 PiloTrek 25-Ghz pulse radar level transmitter comes with a 148-mm (5.8 inch) diameter parabolic antenna to provide range and dielectric performance for low-dielectric-constant liquids, gasses and hydrocarbons. The compact, parabolic antenna is rated for 1.4 dielectric measurements at 49 ft and up to 75 ft for 1.8 dielectric media. Process temperature range is -22 °F to 356 °F with a high-temperature option, and the transmitter handles working pressures of 363 PSIG at 248 °F.

Nivelco Process Control Co. / 630-848-2100

Advanced non-contact radar 

Using longer pulsed wavelengths optimized to penetrate foam, vapor and condensation, the LevelWAV transmitter automatically adjusts power, pulse width and receiver gain to detect only one echo from measured materials. Installation is simplified by its two-wire, 4-20 mA analog/HART output. Its compact mounting footprint makes it practical for many retrofit applications. The transmitter also offers sanitary configurations with stainless-steel construction and a food-grade PTFE antenna cover.

King-Gage Systems/King Engineering / 800-242-8871

Guided wave for powders to liquids 

JTR Series guided-wave radar level transmitter uses time domain reflectometry (TDR) to continuously measure the level of powders, granular and liquid materials. JTR features an easy-to-install, two-wire, loop power supply, and provides a 4-20 mA output that changes with material level. It also has has optional HART digital communications, up to 100 ft measuring range (probe type dependent), built-in display for easy setup, and ±0.197 in. (5mm) measurement accuracy.

Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc. / 815-632-3132

Trio works in tandem

1600 Series liquid level controller works in tandem with 1450 close-coupled control valve and 1451 “freezeless” control valve to manage liquid levels for two- or three-phase gas separators, gas dehydrators, compressors, scrubbers, heater treaters and well-test systems. 1600 Series uses a displacer-type sensor to detect liquid level, and delivers a pneumatic output signal that operates a control valve. This makes it well-suited for liquid level applications in natural gas production, compression and processing.

SOR Inc.

Fine, low-density powder levels

Dynatrol GSS detector is designed for high, intermediate or low-point level detection of a variety of bulk solids. It's built to handle extremely lightweight bulk solids in the density range of less than 5 lbs/ft3. For instance, GSS level indicators have been used successfully, and with consistent results, on fine titanium dioxide powder, polystyrene beads as light as 1/2 lb/ft3, glass fibers, glass wool, paper dust, polyester powders, polymer powders, and fine, low-density powders or fluff.

Automation Products Inc.—Dynatrol Division / 800-231-2062

Ultrasonic with wizards 

For water authorities, municipal water and wastewater plants, HydroRanger 200 HMI ultrasonic level controller is reported to be an economical, low-maintenance solution delivering control efficiency and productivity needed to meet today’s standards. Its intuitive, quick wizards and graphical display makes setup simple and easy to follow. HThe level controller offers single-point monitoring and optional dual-point monitoring with six relay models, as well as digital communications with built-in Modbus RTU via RS 485.

Siemens USA

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