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Dec. 5, 2016
Control's monthly guide brings you invaluable industry information to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments.


The 2016 edition of Clark Reliance’s Boiler Inspection Guidelines for Drum Level Instrumentation is easy to understand and concisely presents ASME Section I water gauge inspection requirements for handy, on-the-job reference by boiler operators. It includes code requirements for water columns, water gauge valves, gauge glass, remote level indicators, magnetic water level gauges and water column isolation shutoff valves, as well as 2015 Code changes and CSD-1 requirements and recommendations from Section 7. The guide also lists the most common non-compliant, drum-level arrangements and solutions. Copies are available at, and free to qualified recipients.

Clark-Reliance Corp. /


The “Level Sensor” article at Omega Engineering’s website covers non-contact ultrasonic, contact ultrasonic and capacitance technologies. It also provides questions to help choose level measurement sensors, and answers frequently asked questions. It’s available here. 

Omega Engineering /


This online feature article, “Beginner’s Guide to Diffential Pressure  Level Transmtters,” by David Spitzer presents “the not-so-straightforward basics of this measurment technique.” To help users avoid costly mistakes, it shows readers how to understand DP level measurement, and its techniquea and limitations. The guide also covers three different techniques used to calibrate pressure level transmitters. It’s located here



This classic, 10-minute video hosted by former Control editor Walt Boytes examines all the essential concepts of measurement, including some of its earliest origins in, where else, Egypt, where floods from the Nile made early level measurement a necessity. The video also demonstrates methods for selecting the correct level technology for different types of process applications. It’s located here



This 13-minute video is presented by Jason Beck of Flo-Corp., who explains the some of the basic physics and characteristics of ultrasonic and guided-wave radar technologies, shows how their capabilities work in process applications, demonstrates potential issues with each method, and shows how viewers can find the most useful solution for their requirements. It’s available here

Flo-Corp. /


Initially intended for students at NAIT, this 17-minute tutorial video demonstrates how to perform open-tank level measurement with a Rosemount 1151 DP transmitter, though the methods and concepts presented are useful for many technologies. It also covers set up, calibration, system layout, output wiring, input calibration and bench calibration hook-up, and other tasks. It’s located here

 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology /


The level measurement entry in the Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering Equipment by the Chemical Engineering Dept. at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering covers the many of the main types of level measurement technologies with descriptions and photos. However, it also presents the advantages and disadvantages of each level measurement method. It’s located here

University of Michigan /


This 4.5-minute, blackboard-style video by U.K.-based Gill Sensors & Controls provides a quick summary of the primary aspects of capacitive level sensing, including behavior of the dielectric, and shows how different probe materials can serve the needs of different applications. It’s located here.

Gill Sensors & Controls /

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