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Oct. 31, 2012
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Although DP transmitters remain the dominant instrument for level measurement, their worldwide market share is expected to steadily erode in the presence of growing demand for the newer level-measurement technologies. Leading the assault is guided-wave radar (GWR), which is among the most versatile technologies now being used for liquid level measurement. Not only does GWR usually outperform conventional level measurement technologies, a GWR radar transmitter is extremely compact and easy to install and operate. The latest generation of guided-wave radar transmitters is a formidable contender as a potential market-wide replacement to the universally entrenched differential pressure transmitters. Free download at http://tinyurl.com/d67amm6.Magnetrol800/624-8765www.magnetrol.com

The 8th edition of The Green Book, Flow, Level and Environmental Handbook & Encyclopedia is now available. It has more than 1300 pages of the latest information on flow, level and environmental products from flowmeters and valves to water test equipment, and a new sanitary temperature, pressure and flow product section with technical references. This free, hardbound handbook has a technical reference section with an overview on flow measurement and aids on selecting a complete flow measurement system, unit conversion tables and a glossary.  Go to www.omega.com/literature/greenbook8 for your copy.

Find out what level technology is right for every application. Download Control's very popular level selection guide for your reference. Free download. Registration required. http://tinyurl.com/93huzqe.

Nuclear level gauges work in nearly any level measurement application. However, for simple applications, nobody uses them because they're relatively expensive and difficult to regulate. But when few devices will work with your application, or there is no other way to make measurements, nuclear measuring products may be the only working option to use. In this article, you will learn when nuclear level measurements products are good options of measurements to use. Free downloadable PDF. Registration required. Direct link is at http://tinyurl.com/8gte6nl.
Vega Americas

Two YouTube videos on level measurement subjects. First is "Pneumatic Liquid Level Measurement Loop." This short video shows how a Foxboro model 13A pneumatic differential pressure transmitter is used to measure the level (height) of water inside a vertical tube. In a real application, it would be measuring the height of some liquid in a storage or processing vessel, probably not a tube or pipe. Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR1enELOSnU. The second, "Level Measurement Lab (Pneumatic)—Calibration Check," shows how to use the 13 A transmitter to measure water level inside a plastic tube, and report that level as a 3-15 psi air pressure signal to a remote "receiver" gauge. This lab demonstrates the basic operation of any pneumatic signaling system where a variable air pressure represents some other variable (in this case, water level). In the past, most industrial instruments worked like this: using 3-15 psi pneumatic signals to represent pressures, levels, temperatures, flows, and even some analytical variables. Click on www.youtube.com/watch?v=gybq5lkvO_Y.
Invensys Foxboro

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