Ultrasonic Level Sensors Have Radar-Like Performance

May 5, 2003
Ametek Drexelbrook's IntelliScan and UniScan

Ultrasonic level sensors have traditionally taken a back seat to radar sensors when it comes to performance, accuracy, and flexibility. That perception may be changing.

"IntelliScan and UniScan deliver radar-like performance at an ultrasonic price and have the flexibility to measure liquids, solids, and open-channel flow," says Dave Strelec, director of sales and marketing for Ametek Drexelbrook. "Both instruments are simple and easy to use, and the UniScan version has the added benefit of being a two-wire, intrinsically safe design."

The new instruments provide level measurements while automatically compensating for changes in ambient temperature and other variable environmental conditions. "This allows them to provide accuracy under extremely harsh conditions, including vapors, gases, and the full range of process storage environments," says Strelec.

The IntelliScan model measures level at ranges up to 131 ft. for liquids and solids. The four-wire, low-voltage device provides 0.25% accuracy and 0.04 in. resolution, and has a 4-20 mA output and five independent SPDT relays. Options include RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces and a graphic LCD with readouts in level, distance, volume, flow rate, or differential level. Open-channel flow versions have embedded software with preset calculations for more than 80 flume and weir characterizations.

"No calibration or maintenance are required. The instrument self-adjusts to virtually all types of conditions and environments," explains Strelec. "The same instrument can be used to measure liquids, solids, granular, slurry, or open-channel flow without needing to change the lightweight transducer."

UniScan is a two-wire, low-voltage, loop-powered device that provides 0.25% accuracy and 0.11 in. resolution. It measures level at ranges up to 49 ft. for liquids and 28 ft. for solids, and is available with a four-digit LCD that reads out in level, distance, or flow rate. Its IP 65/NEMA 4X enclosure protects against dust and water jets.

Strelec adds, "Because of their non-contact technology, both are especially useful in measuring harsh chemicals, such as acids, bases and solvents, and for aseptic materials such as those used in the food and pharmaceutical industries."

For more information call 215/674-1234 or see www.drexelbrook.com.

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