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11 level measurement resources you need to see

Jan. 27, 2023
Control's monthly resource guide

Gauging, engineering guides

This online library, “Level measurement and tank gauging engineering guides,” includes updated, classic publications on level measurement, safe instrumentation and overfill prevention, level for power and steam generation. Also, its 150-page “Bulk solids level measurement application guide” is at


Locating layers

This blog post, “How to measure the interface between two liquids in a tank” by Gene Henry, shows how to determine the interface levels between two liquids in the same tanks or vessels, detect emulsions or “rag” layers between them, and how all of today’s level measurement technologies can participate. 


12 ways to measure

This online guide, “A dozen ways to measure fluid level,” traces the field’s evolution and covers established and modern sensing technologies. 


Settings and solutions

This nine-minute video, “Automation basics: level measurement” in Control’s Educational Video Series, summarizes covers the settings, materials and challenges faced by users trying to make level measurement and details the most suitable solutions for performing them successfully and accurately. 


Selection and capacitance

This webpage, “Guide: level measurement instrument selection” includes an Endress+Hauser video about capacitance, slides detailing level measurement technologies, and a link to a selection guide.


Integrate with controllers

This online tutorial, “The complete guide to industrial level sensors” by Anil Mamillapalli, covers mechanical and electronic sensors, how to connect and wire them to PLCs, and has links to other lessons. I


From a piping perspective

This blog post, “Process instrumentation: level measurement” covers the advantages and applications of magneto restrictive, laser, magnetic and displacement, bubble tubes and other technologies.

Piping Engineering

Manage the vapor space

In this online article, “How to accomplish total tank management,” system integrator Novaspect’s Jeff Wolendowski shows how users can use vapor space management, tank blanketing and other solutions in conjunction with level measurement to successfully operate their vessels. 


Contact and non-contact

This online article, “Level measurement technologies in the process industries” categorizes its primary technologies, such as contact and non-contact, and sensing methods such as level sight gauge, RF capacitance, float, resistance tape, displacer, ultrasonics, bubble tube, radar and nuclear. 

Precision Digital

Intro to sensor types

This nine-minute video, “What is a level sensor?,” covers capacitive, optical, conductivity (resistance), vibrating (tuning fork), float switch, ultrasonic and radar (microwave) level sensors. 


State of the level art

This state of technology report, “Innovations in level measurement” by Control’s editors covers how instrumentation is transforming water/wastewater operations; automatic tank gauging; how to stabilize a hunting tank level; and best practices in controlling column distillation. It requires a brief registration and is located at


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