Vega's Vegaplus 64 radar-level gauge

June 1, 2016
Reported to be the first radar-level gauge for liquids that measure at a frequency of 80 GHz

Vegaplus 64 is reported to be the first radar-level gauge for liquids that measure at a frequency of 80 GHz, which allows much better focusing of the radar beam, and makes measuring easier and more reliable in conditions such as tanks fitted with heating coils, baffles or agitators. Until now, a radar sensor with a transmission frequency of 26 GHz and an 80-mm diameter antenna was limited to a beam angle of approximately 10°. With the same-sized antenna, Vegapuls 64 has a beam angle of only 3°, which allows the sensor to be used in vessels with internal installations or heavy buildup on the walls because its focused microwave beam avoids these obstacles. Vegapuls 64's large dynamic range further ensures measurement certainty and makes it suitable for a broader range of applications. This means that media with very poor reflective properties, such as those with a low dielectric constant, can now be measured with more certainty. Even foam, turbulent product surfaces, condensation or buildup on the antenna are no problem because Vegapuls 64 has an accuracy of ±2 mm, even with a measuring range of 30 meters. The sensor’s small antenna—approximately the size of a quarter—allows use in compact process fittings, which means the sensor can offer a solution for confined spaces in small vessels. This opens up applications in pilot plants and even laboratories, which, for space reasons, previously had to do without radar level measurement.  

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