Emerson Process Management's Mobrey magnetic level gauge

Feb. 16, 2006
Level gauge provides measurement continuity in harsh environments
Magnetic Level Gauge
Mobrey magnetic level gauge provides reliable level measurement of all liquids, including aggressive or toxic, without the need for an external power source. Plant engineers can continue to monitor hazardous materials despite planned or un-planned power cuts. The gauges can operate in temperatures from 160-400 degrees Celsius with pressure ratings from PN6 to PN420 (ANSI 150 to 2500). The chamber is completely sealed so that the only moving part of the instrument in contact with the liquid is the stainless steel or titanium float, minimizing maintenance requirements and increasing product life. An indicator display provides clear visibility without requiring external power. Standard and high duty versions are available in stainless steel or PVC, PPH, PVDF and PTFE for highly corrosive processes. A range of plug and vent/drain and flange assemblies, standard or ATEX flame-proof mounted alarms and transmitters are available.