Product roundup: Temperature, pressure up the intelligence game

Jan. 10, 2022
Onboard data processing and networking join wireless, increased accuracy and custom engineering
Smart temperature with Bluetooth

iTemp TMT142B smart temperature transmitter with Bluetooth delivers measurements, wireless communications and user-friendly operation in a robust, single-chamber housing. Its secure, integrated Bluetooth interface lets users wirelessly visualize measured values and NAMUR NE 017 diagnostic data, and perform configuration tasks. The device is easy and fast to operate using a smartphone or tablet PC and the Endress+Hauser SmartBlue app. No special tools are required, and access is password-protected.


Seven DP models, up to eight times smaller

ProSense DPTW series differential pressure transmitters are engineered for differential or gauge pressure measurement of liquids, gases and steam applied to both pressure sensing ports. DPTW is up to eight times smaller than conventional DP transmitters and is ideal for measuring differential, positive or negative pressures. Seven models are available with measuring ranges of up to 400 inches of water column, each offering 4-20 mA outputs, 12-32 VDC operating voltage, and ¼-inch female NPT process connection.


Intrinsically safe pressure transducers

FP5000 series intrinsically safe pressure sensors from Honeywell are designed for repeatable, reliable and accurate measurements. The stainless-steel, media-isolated FP5000 can withstand harsh installation environments, and is available with hazardous location approvals on a configurable sensor platform with multiple pressure ports and electrical connectors. Configurations for pressure measurements are temperature compensated and calibrated.

Digi-Key Electronics

DP with accuracy and options

DPharp pressure and differential pressure transmitters provide accurate and reliable data for process control, and improve product quality, reduce maintenance costs and increase plant availability. Engineered with DPharp sensor technology, they're reliable across a range of process conditions, and eliminate application challenges. This line of pressure measurement solutions has options for gauge, absolute, differential, multivariable, diaphragm seals and wireless.


Engineered-to-order sensors

Specialty, customized temperature sensors include the four most requested by users. They include engineered-to-order Sample probes for extracting representative samples from a process; Multipoint sensors for temperature profiling at points over distance; Tubeskin thermocouples that measure tube wall temperatures to determine tube life, temperature trending and coke buildup; and High-temp assemblies for temperatures above 2,000 °F (1,093.3 °C).


Non-contact scanning imaging, analysis

MP Linescanner series delivers continuous, accurate, edge-to-edge thermal images and temperature measurements for high-speed manufacturing processes. They also provide real-time imaging at scans speeds up to 300 Hz, and feature Fluke’s widest selection of spectral and temperature ranges. MP measures up to 1,024 temperature points across a scan line at a rate of up to 300 lines per second, allowing users to better control continuous moving processes, automate temperature measurements, and ensure product quality.

Fluke Process Instruments

Wireless sensors, cloud connectivity

Layer N SS-001 wireless smart sensors with cloud connectivity from Omega Engineering use internal sensing elements to measure environmental, temperature, humidity and pressure conditions. Layer N sensors are easily paired to the Layer N gateway with the press of a button. SS-001 uses Sub GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology to ensure robust, long range communications. Transmission ranges of up to 3.2 km can be achieved when powered by a standard 5V micro USB cable.


Smart HART for humidity and heat

HTZ Smart HART humidity and temperature transmitter simultaneously measures temperature and humidity, eliminating the cost of using multiple transmitters. HART communications, reported to be an industry first for a humidity transmitter, allow the unit to be programmed or queried from anywhere on one of the transmitter’s dual 4-20 mA loops. The accuracy of its relative humidity measurements is up to ±0.75% RH, temperature measurements is up to ±0.036 °C, and dewpoint calculation is within ±0.5 °C.

Moore Industries-International Inc.

Purge, pressurize in hazardous areas

7500 series purge and pressurization system lets conventional electrical equipment be used in hazardous areas. Devices that require protection are installed in an enclosure with a pressure higher than the surrounding hazardous atmosphere. 7500 series provides reliable protection in Class I and II/Div. 2 and Zone 2/22 hazardous locations. 7500 series also continuously monitors enclosure conditions, makes automatic adjustments, provides an output alarm for reliable protection and offers programmable temperature control.


Single, dual sensors for temperature

Sitrans TF field temperature transmitters with approvals for heavy industrial applications employ head-mounted TH320 (single sensor) and TH420 (dual sensor) as their foundation. TF320 and TF420 also provide a user-friendly, pushbutton-driven local interface for device configuration, transmitter and sensor diagnostics, and display of measured values. They're available with single- or dual-compartment housings, and feature an enclosure for any installation in any environment.


Hazardous areas smart switch

One Series smart, electronic switch is designed for intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and non-incendive classified areas. This hybrid switch/transmitter's models can handle pressures up to 6,000 psi, differential pressure up to 200 psid, and -300 °F to 1,000 °F temperatures. Outputs are one switch with a solid-state relay, dual solid-state relay with HART, or HART and 4-20 mA signals only. Setpoint and deadband are adjustable for alarming and emergency shutdowns. I Am Working (IAW) self-diagnostics monitor its health.

United Electric Controls

Starter kits for monitoring pilots

SmartSolutions starter kits create temperature and pressure monitoring pilots that solve local issues or scale to a full, smart monitoring network. Reported to be complete and cost-effective, these kits require no IT or infrastructure changes. They provide fast commissioning, data transmission to a configurable dashboard, and 90 days of prepaid cellular and cloud services. Users can set alerts and notifications on pneumatic, hydraulic, fluid or HVAC systems, and gain insight into ambient temperature and humidity.

Banner Engineering

Superheated steam compensation

Rosemount 8800 MultiVariable vortex flowmeter has full mass compensation to measure mass flow in superheated steam areas. Its all-cast, all-welded meter body eliminates ports and crevices, ensuring low leak potential and eliminating impulse lines that can plug or clog. Rosemount 8800's temperature sensor is isolated from the vortex sensor to enable verification or replacement of each sensor without breaking the process seal. Its temperature and pressure compensation eliminates the need for a flow computer.

Emerson Automation Solutions

28 types for loop-power, dual-sensor

MACX MCR-TS-I-OLP loop-powered, dual-sensor temperature transmitter with HART supports more than 28 different temperature sensors. It accepts -20 mV to 100 mV, and linear resistance ranges from 10 ohms to 2K ohms. On the output side, it features a dedicated 4-20 mA signal with HART communication. At only 12.5 mm wide on the DIN rail, MACX MCR-TS-I-OLP is thin, but its wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C makes it widely usable. EX and non-EX versions can be ordered and preconfigured.

Phoenix Contact

HMI is easier to program and read

PM Plus temperature controller is an enhanced, more intuitive version of its predecessor EZ-Zone PM, and features an improved interface for easier set up, programming and readability. PM Plus also has a full-color, front-panel display with easy-to-read characters and color coding, and a smooth-touch keypad that eliminates legacy rubber buttons. PM Plus is backward-compatible with EZ-Zone PM, has an intuitive menu flow for easy configuration, and has Bluetooth connectivity with the EZ-Link mobile app.

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