10 temperature, pressure resources you need to see

Nov. 30, 2021
From videos to white papers, a compendium of industrial temperature and pressure measurement knowledge

Thermocouples and RTDs

This one-hour video, "Temperature measurement basics," shows how temperature is measured with thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers, and includes a practical look at how they work and how to identify each type. 


Q&A on installation

This online article, "Prevent pressure transmitter problems" by Greg McMillan, is part of his monthly Control Talk series in Control, and includes DP and PT installation advice from Daniel Warren of D.M.W. Instrumentation and Consulting Services Ltd. and Hunter Vegas of Wunderlich-Malec. They also cover measurement of gases, liquids and steam lines, piping and sloping issues, transmitter calibration requirements, skid issues and examples. 


Measurement for engineers

This online publication, "The Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement," explores recommendations, pitfalls and tradeoffs for various temperature measurement systems. It shows how to select among sensor and signal conditioner alternatives, and covers design of high-reliability systems. 


Pressure measurement 101

This one-hour video, "Pressure measurement basics" by Lou DiNapoli, application engineer at Siemens, covers definitions, essential concepts, transmitter types, installation considerations, application situations and other issues.

Gilson Engineering

Sensing and control online

This online article, "Temperature controllers," covers definitions, principles, characteristics, configuration, control methods and sensors. 

Omron Industrial Automation

Pressure types and devices

This 19-minute video, "Pressure and pressure measurement" by Jim Pytel of Big Bad Tech, covers atmospheric, vacuum, differential, head and gauge pressure, and examines devices including the Bourdon tube, spring-loaded piston gauge, pressure switch, and pressure sensors or transducers.

Big Bad Tech

Temperature handbook

This online publication, "Temperature controller basics handbook" from Danaher Industrial Controls Group includes common applications and uses, parts, functions, features, types and characteristics. 


History and references

This 49-page white paper, "Temperature measurement" from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, covers the history of industrial temperature measurement, basic devices and controls, probes, packaging, resistance temperature detectors (RTD), thermopiles, themocouples, camera field devices, control outputs and networking. It also gathers useful data sheets and reference charts.

Missouri S&T

Webpage on controllers

This classic webpage, "Temperature controllers," includes FAQs and advice on evaluating and selecting the right temperature controller, provides an introduction to numerous temperature control concepts, technologies and products, and has links to many related resources. 

Omega Engineering

State of technology report

This compilation of articles, "2021 State of Technology Report: Temperature and Pressure Measurement, Part II" by the editors of Control, covers preventing pressure transmitter problems, redefining temperature and calibration processes by a major brewer, how to size and select pressure relief valves, and even controlling global warming. 


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