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Product roundup: the pressure, temperature wish list

Dec. 11, 2020
New networks, mounts, sensors and performance ranges for new, difficult and hazardous areas
Temperature with bluetooth

iTemp TMT71 and TMT72 single-channel transmitters are reported to be the first with an integrated, password-protected Bluetooth interface that lets users wirelessly display measured values, perform configuration tasks. They're compatible with signals from resistance sensors (RTD), thermocouples, resistance (Ω) and voltage transmitters (mV), and provide an output via 4-20 mA signals or HART 7 (TMT72). TMT71 and TMT72 also have integrated sensor monitoring, device troubleshooting and diagnostics.


Multi-variable, multi-option control

ProSense PPC5 advanced process controllers handle temperature, pressure, level, flow and other applications, and offer control, input, output, alarm and communications options. These 1/4-DIN controllers accept inputs from thermocouple, RTD and analog mA, mV and V signals. Control outputs include relay, voltage pulse or linear current. An analog output to represent the PV, SP, target SP, remote SP or output signal is available. Three alarm contact outputs can be configured for 30 alarm types and 10 alarm functions.


Monitoring pilot starter kits

SmartSolutions starter kits create temperature and pressure monitoring pilots that solve local issues or scale to a full, smart monitoring network. Reported to be complete and cost-effective, these kits require no IT or infrastructure changes. They provide fast commissioning, data transmission to a configurable dashboard, and 90 days of prepaid cellular and cloud services. Users can set alerts and notifications on pneumatic, hydraulic, fluid or HVAC systems, and gain insight into ambient temperature and humidity.

Banner Engineering

Switch for hazardous areas

One Series smart, electronic switch is designed for intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and non-incendive classified areas. This hybrid switch/transmitter's models can handle pressures up to 6,000 psi, differential pressure up to 200 psid, and -300 °F to 1,000 °F temperatures. Outputs are one switch with a solid-state relay, dual solid-state relay with HART, or HART and 4-20 mA signals only. Setpoint and deadband are adjustable for alarming and emergency shutdowns. I Am Working (IAW) self-diagnostics monitor its health.

United Electric Controls

Ultra-miniature IR probe

Smart Probe SP-001 miniature infrared sensor from Omega Engineering measures surface temperature of solids or liquids without contact. Target materials including paper, thick plastics, rubber, food and organics, as well as painted metals and most dirty, rusty or oily surfaces, are measured accurately, safely and cleanly. Mounting nuts are included, and SP-100 is packaged in a rugged, long, compact, stainless steel, IP67-rated (NEMA 6) housing that takes up the least space for easy installation.


Wide-range environmental monitoring

Indigo520 transmitter for smart probes and barometric pressure devices has a range of output options and an interactive, touchscreen graphical display. From analog outputs, Modbus, OPC UA or a web-based interface with advanced cybersecurity, Indigo520 uses Vaisala's sensing technology to create a chain of data to improve processes. With dual-probe support for parameters including temperature and barometric pressure, the modular Indigo family lets users control their data and make better decisions faster.

Vaisala Inc.

Compensation for superheated steam

Rosemount 8800 MultiVariable vortex flowmeter has full mass compensation to measure mass flow in superheated steam areas. Its all-cast, all-welded meter body eliminates ports and crevices, ensuring low leak potential and eliminating impulse lines that can plug or clog. Rosemount 8800's temperature sensor is isolated from the vortex sensor to enable verification or replacement of each sensor without breaking the process seal. Its temperature and pressure compensation eliminates the need for a flow computer.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Pressure and differential pressure

Beyond providing accurate and reliable data for process control, pressure transmitters with DPharp sensors and instrumentation help achieve enhanced product quality, reduced maintenance costs and increased plant availability. DPharp lets them deliver high reliability across a range of process conditions and tackle many application challenges. These pressure transmitters have options for gauge, absolute, differential, multivariable, diaphragm seals and wireless to meet all measurement needs. 


Class I or II/Div. 2 and zone 2/22

Bebco EPS 7500 series purge and pressurization system is designed for Class I or II/Div. 2 and Zone 2/22 locations, and and consists of an innovative, compact, manual or automatic system. EPS 7500 Ex pzc/Type Z can be fully automatic or manual, and reduces the classification in the protected enclosure to a non-hazardous area. It also carries ATEX and IECEx certifications; is UL listed; operates in a small footprint of only 5.8 x 3.8 x 1.9 in; and includes intelligent automatic monitoring and control of enclosure pressure.


Interface eases programming, readability

PM Plus temperature controller is an enhanced, more intuitive version of its predecessor EZ-Zone PM, and features an improved interface for easier set up, programming and readability. PM Plus also has a full-color, front-panel display with easy-to-read characters and color coding, and a smooth-touch keypad that eliminates legacy rubber buttons. PM Plus is backward-compatible with EZ-Zone PM, has an intuitive menu flow for easy configuration, and has Bluetooth connectivity with the EZ-Link mobile app.

800-WATLOW2 (928-5692)

Modbus transmitter, dual universal inputs

TMZ PC-programmable, Modbus transmitter with Dual Universal Input (2PRG) channels accepts most standard temperature, current, or voltage signals. This 2PRG model lets users increase measurement density, while also reducing overall point costs by doubling the monitoring capability in one unit. TMZ's digital Modbus output also reduces error inherent in analog 4-20 mA output transmitters due to required D/A conversion, which lets the Modbus host read and record more accurate and repeatable process signals.

Moore Industries-International Inc.

High-pressure sensor calibration

8270A and 8370A automated, pneumatic, high-pressure controllers calibrate a wide workload of pressure sensors, and are reported to cover twice the pressure ranges at twice the speed of other high-pressure controllers. 8270A measures and controls pressures from vacuum to 44 MPa (6,400 psi), and can be configured with ranges as low as 100 kPa (15 psi). 8370A measures and controls pressures from atmosphere to 107 MPa (15,500 psi), and can be configured with ranges as low as 700 kPa (100 psi).


Head-mount, rail-mount transmitters

C130 head-mount and R130 DIN-rail-mount temperature transmitters combine accuracy and reliability with simple configuration. Communication with these transmitters is wireless via near-field communications using smartphone and Inor's Connect app. Transmitter configuration is achieved in seconds. In addition, the supplier's NFC configuration is also standard on its 330 and 530 series transmitters.

Inor, a division of Krohne Inc.

Loop-power, dual-sensor supports 28 types

MACX MCR-TS-I-OLP loop-powered, dual-sensor temperature transmitter with HART supports more than 28 different temperature sensors. It accepts -20 mV to 100 mV, and linear resistance ranges from 10 ohms to 2K ohms. On the output side, it features a dedicated 4-20 mA signal with HART communication. At only 12.5 mm wide on the DIN rail, MACX MCR-TS-I-OLP is thin, but its wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C makes it widely usable. EX and non-EX versions can be ordered preconfigured.

Phoenix Contact

Compact thermal condition monitor

Compact K6PM compact thermal condition monitor from Omron offers continuous monitoring of critical components such as high-voltage control panels, transformers, hydraulic equipment, bearings, gearboxes and more. Using a controller with a built-in display and remote thermal image camera, K6PM detects temperatures 32 °F to 392 °F (0 °C to 200 °C), and features three-level temperature alarms that trigger alarm bar and 24 VDC outputs, allowing users to monitor in real-time at a safe distance.

Digi-Key Electronics

High-accuracy, hermetic pressure sensing

PTE7100 and PTE7300 hermetic pressure sensors have mid- and high-pressure ranges, and provide high-burst strength and high-shock and vibration performance. PTE7100 hermetic analog pressure sensor has a measuring range from 0-50 bar to 0-600 bar (0-725 to 0-8,700 psi). With a measuring range from 0-16 bar to 0-600 bar (0-230 to 0-8,700 psi), PTE7300 sensor provides an I2C digital output of pressure and temperature, and is available in a fully hermetic IP69K package for wet environments.

Sensata Technologies

Remote safety commissioning

Sitrans P320/420 are reported to be the first pressure transmitters to feature remote safety handling, in this case, via Simatic Process Device Manager (PDM) software that saves time during SIL commissioning. Instead of manually attending to each individual device across a facility, operators can program transmitters from their control rooms. This reduces start-up time in applications requiring functional safety. Both P230 and P420 transmitters have an increased proof-test interval compared to other devices.


Vaporization for cooling

Pumped Two-Phase (P2P) technology takes advantage of latent heat of vaporization to achieve several advantages compared to traditional liquid-cooling solutions. P2P is reported to provide higher heat flux capabilities, uniform temperature distribution over large surfaces, smaller and more flexible packaging, and greater reliability. Using dielectric working fluids, P2P provides users with a reliable and intrinsically safe solution to increasing waste-heat challenges associated with high-power electronics.

Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc.

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