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Temperature, pressure transmitters get help from friends

Jan. 8, 2020
Dual inputs, dual channels, seals, manifolds and other supporting players let transmitters multitask

Simpler, safer, ergonomic manifolds

Rosemount R305 integral manifolds and Rosemount R306 in-line manifolds feature Pressure-Lock valve design that simplifies high-pressure operation, increases safety and enhances reliability. Their new features include: two-piece stem doesn't rotate in the seat, providing solid closure with minimal wear; easy to turn while delivering positive shut-off; adjustable packing nut simplifies valve maintenance; back seating prevents blowouts for increased user safety; stem and bonnet threads are fully isolated from process fluid to minimize potential corrosion; modular packing ensures only the stem and body are exposed to process fluid; larger internal passages to enhance reliability; and removable handles to prevent tampering.

Rosemount R305 is designed for both differential or gauge pressure applications and mounts directly to any Rosemount Coplanar transmitter for a complete solution. This reduces the number of potential leak points by 50% compared to traditional bi-planar transmitter setups. Two-, three- and five-valve configurations are available. Rosemount R306 is designed for in-line pressure transmitters for gauge or absolute pressure applications.

www.Emerson.com/RosemountR305 or www.Emerson.com/RosemountR306

Two with Bluetooth and app

iTemp TMT71 and TMT72 single-channel transmitters employ user-friendly operations with SmartBlue app, accurate and reliable measurements, and wireless communications via integrated Bluetooth that displays measured values and perform configuration tasks, but is password-protected and complies with safety standards. TMT71 and TMT72 can be configured without previously installing device drivers because they're already stored in the transmitter's electronics. These configurable transmitters are compatible with signals from resistance sensors (RTD), thermocouples, resistance (Ω) and voltage transmitters (mV), and provide an output via 4-20 mA signals or HART 7 communication (TMT72).

Integrated sensor monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnostic data in accordance with NAMUR NE 107 allow high-level measuring point availability. TMT71 and TMT72’s precise temperature measurement is increased by matching calendar-Van-Dusen coefficients. They're also designed for safe operation in hazardous areas thanks to international approvals (ATEX, CSA C/US, IECEx), and are available in various housings with or without a display.

www.us.endress.com/TMT72 or www.us.endress.com/TMT71

Dual inputs accept many signals

THZ3 and TDZ3 Smart HART, two-wire (loop-powered) temperature transmitters provide an isolated and linear 4-20mA output proportional to input. They configure quickly and easily to accept a direct signal input from sensors and analog devices including 14 RTD types and nine thermocouple types, resistance and potentiometer devices, and direct millivolt sources. The dual sensor input lets THZ3 and TDZ3 offer backup and fail-over protection, with either of the sensors or inputs designated as the primary measurement and the secondary input acting as a backup sensor in case of a primary sensor failure. Using this dual input, 15 of these transmitters can be multi-dropped on one digital HART loop to monitor 30 temperature points.

Other benefits associated with the dual input include:

  • Average and differential measurement to average the two input measurements or select either the differential (A-B or B-A) or absolute difference between the two inputs;
  • High-select and low-select features that let the transmitter continuously monitor two separate inputs, and designate either the highest or lowest input as the source for the analog output or PV; and
  • Dynamic variable mapping that lets users assign either the input or the calculated result of the inputs to any of the four HART variables (PV, SV, TV and QV) that can be read by any HART-compatible host system.

THZ3 and TDZ3 also come with Device Intelligence, a series of features for smarter control and monitoring including:

  • Sensor drift and corrosion detection that checks and alerts users when the sensor is drifting out of a preset range or when the resistance due to corrosion exceeds set parameters;
  • Smart range alarms with four HART alarms—set to any input or calculated input—which detect when the variable is within or outside of user preset limits;
  • High-availability option that enables selection of how the AO behaves when there's an input failure or out-of-range value detected by the transmitter. This prevents nuisance alarms on startups or batch process shutdowns; and
  • Input simulation capability, allowing manual input of a direct or calculated value. This essentially simulates a real input, allowing users to test the AO or any HART diagnostic and range alarms.

THZ3 and TDZ3 have input-to-output analog accuracy of up to ±0.014 °C (±0.025 °F) by using sensor matching and trimming over a 100 °F span. They also transmitters feature 20-bit input resolution and deliver exceptional input accuracy for all sensor types, and are HART 7 compliant with exception-based reporting and dynamic variable mapping. They're HART and DTM programmable with user-oriented basic configuration for fast and accurate setup. Using HART DD, they can be configured and interrogated on the 4-20mA loop via any HART handheld communicator or HART compatible host. Users can also program or monitor the transmitters with any FDT compliant host or program, such as PACTware using THZ3/TDZ3 DTM.

Moore Industries International

Remote safety commissioning

Sitrans P320/420 pressure transmitters feature remote safety handling via Simatic PDM, which saves time during SIL commissioning by allowing users to program devices remotely and more safely, instead of manually in the field. Sitrans P320 is 0.065% accurate, and Sitrans P420 is 0.04% accurate. Each has response times down to 105 milliseconds; measures from 20 mbar to 700 bar; have measured medium temperatures of -40 °C to 100 °C; and has diaphragms available in stainless-steel, hastelloy, tantalum, monel and gold. Both transmitters are also reported to have an increased proof test interval of up to 15 years, instead of every two years, which reduces maintenance costs. Sitrans P320/420 are also user-friendly with clear, large displays and diagnostic icons that comply with NAMUR NE107, as well as quick-start wizard software.


Compact control saves wire, space

E5DC/E5DC-B Series ultra-slim, low-maintenance, temperature controller is an in-panel, DIN-rail-mounted device with a user-friendly interface and a sharp LCD display in a 22.5 mm-wide casing and modular design that lets up to 16 units combine to reduce wiring and space requirements. It uses Push-In Plus wiring technology to keep wiring effort to a minimum, while ensuring vibration resistance. Other key features include 50 millisecond sampling speed, two-PID control system, RS-485 communications, and a heater burnout alarm.

Omron Automation

Calibrator is CSA IS-rated

HPC50 handheld pressure calibrator has earned a CSA intrinsic safety (IS) rating. It uses a single-layer, non-menu interface, while its intelligent memory slots store up to five screens for simpler recall of settings and setups. HPC50 offers deadweight tester accuracy and user-friendly features that provide laboratory accuracy onsite, and can calibrate pressures from vacuum to 15,000 psi/1,000 bar with accuracy up to 0.035% of reading.

HPC50 is available single- and dual-pressure models, and each can add one or two IS external pressure or temperature modules. Side connection ports support new APMi IS pressure modules that can read up to four pressure inputs with one device. HPC50 can also connect two new ATMi IS temperature modules that read pressure using installed modules, and read static and ambient temperatures at the same time. All parameters on HPC50  are fully temperature compensated from -20 °C to 50 °C, enabling it to deliver the same accuracy whether measuring pressure, current, voltage, or temperature.

Ametek Sensors, Test and Calibration (STC)

Dual-channels cut costs, save space

DT Series dual transmitters for signal conditioning of inputs have two independent signal conditioning channels in a 17.5mm wide module, and a signal splitter mode that lets one input drive both outputs. Loop-powered two-wire and externally-powered (7-32 VDC) four-wire versions are available. Input options include process current, DC voltage, thermouple, RTD, and resistance signal types with proportional process current or unipolar/bipolar voltage output, while a USB port simplifies setup. Hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity, and a wide operating temperature range make DT transmitters ideal for use in harsh environments.

DT series also feature high-resolution A/D converters for high accuracy measurements with repeatability and stability. High voltage isolation separates each input, output and power circuit from each other. Free configuration software helps users quickly select I/O ranges, and precisely scale input/output limits. Each model supports several input ranges, and can output a proportional 0/4-20mA, 0-10V, or ±10V DC signal. Removable, front-facing terminal blocks facilitate wiring. A rail power bus option can supply multiple units from a single connection or establish redundant power.


Pressure and level together

Optibar PM 3050 pressure transmitter for general pressure and level applications features multiple pressure ranges and diaphragm styles, high overload resistance, and vacuum resistance with measuring accuracy up to ±0.1% of set span. Its easily programmable, optional display module offers response times of less than 50 milliseconds, ensuring pressure information is transmitted as quickly and easily.

Optibar PM 3050 has a compact design with a recessed metallic diaphragm and stainless-steel construction, making it suitable for a variety of industries. For example, its hygienic process connections with front flush diaphragm is compliant with 3A Sanitary Standard and EHEDG hygienic design makes it ideal for food and beverage pressure and level applications. Also, it can operate as an absolute and gauge pressure measurement of gases, vapors and liquids as well as a hydrostatic level measurement in open tanks.

800-FLOWING (356-9464)

Loop-powered, dual-sensor, supports 28 sensors

MACX MCR-TS-I-OLP loop-powered, dual-sensor temperature transmitter with HART supports more than 28 different temperature sensors. It will accept -20 mV to 100 mV, and linear resistance ranges from 10 ohms to 2K ohms. On the output side, it features a dedicated 4-20 mA signal with HART communication. At only 12.5 mm wide on the DIN rail, MACX MCR-TS-I-OLP is thin, but its wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C makes it widely usable. Both the EX and non-EX versions can be ordered preconfigured. 

MACX MCR-TS-I-OLP offers high accuracy when transmitting measured values and control signals that are electrically isolated. Due to their SIL calculations, according to EN 61508-1, the modules can be easily designed into safety-related industrial automation applications. Approvals for worldwide use include ATEX, CSA, FM, EAC, and UL Class I, Div. 2.

Phoenix Contact


Purge, pressurize in small space

Bebco EPS 7500 Series Ex pzc/Type Z compact purge and pressurization system is designed for Class I or II/Div. 2 and Zone 2/22 locations. It can run fully automatic or manual, and purges a common enclosure of hazardous gas or dust to maintain positive pressure. Bebco EPS 7500 effectively reduces the classification in a protected enclosure to a non-hazardous area. It carries ATEX and IECEx certifications, is UL listed, and operates in an extremely small footprint of only 5.8 x 3.8 x 1.9 in.

Bebco EPS 7500 includes intelligent automatic monitoring and control of enclosure pressure with dilution and continuous flow functionality. The system makes automatic adjustments, and provides an alarm output for reliable protection. It's designed in marine-grade chromate aluminum, uses universal AC/DC power, and is available as panel- and external-mount. Its large touchscreen enables quick and easy setup, while also providing status LEDs, a bar graph for pressure, and multiple program selections.     


Diaphragm seals offer protection

To shield gauges from high temperatures, corrosive liquids and potentially clogging fluids, as well as prevent process fluid loss and pulsation effects, diaphragm seals have been added to Palmer pressure measurement instruments. They're interchangeable with most seal brands, so users can choose every aspect, and create custom designs appropriate for their processes. These seals available in stainless-steel and exotic metals, and in online and off-line designs, including threaded, flush, flange, saddle, in-line and wedge. Specialty models for the pulp and paper and sanitary processing industries, including Tri-Clamp and Cherry Burrell “I” Line styles are available. High-pressure ratings are available on some models. Assorted flanged models are available in ANSI flange sizes from ½ in. to 4 in., Class 50 to Class 2500. Other flange standards are available upon request. A variety of fill fluids for specialty applications including food grade fills for sanitary and food service applications are available.

Palmer Wahl Instruments Inc.

Intuitive control, Bluetooth access

PM Plus controller has an improved interface for easy setup, programming and readability, and is an enhanced, more intuitive version of the EZ-Zone PM temperature controller, but is backward compatible with it. It has a full-color, front-panel display with easy-to-read characters and color coding for visibility from many angles. It also has a smooth-touch keypad, eliminating legacy rubber buttons that can wear out and contamination points by creating a better front seal. PM Plus also continues offers Bluetooth connectivity with the EZ-Link mobile app for remote access capability and full descriptions of parameters and error codes.  

800-WATLOW2 (928-5692)

Two-wire, measurements from 13 types

Suitable for head or field mounting, FRC temperature transmitters are programmable, two-wire, universal temperature transmitters, available with ATEX explosion-proof, intrinsically safe certification and stainless-steel enclosures. They can measure signals from 13 types of thermocouples, employ universal inputs such as mV, V, T/C and RTD, and provide a truly linear 4-20mA output.

Fuji Electric, Instrumentation & Control

Easy setup, modular electronics

266HSH high-overload gauge pressure transmitters feature local keys, LCD indicator and through the glass (TTG) technology for easy setup and self-guided, full-text, local configuration for fast, tool-less commissioning. They have a maximum working pressure up to 105 MPa and 15,225 psi, 32-second update rate, and are suitable for measuring liquid, gas, steam in pipes or open tanks. 266HSH also feature in-field replaceable electronics, intuitive plug-and-play display, WirelessHART communications, 10-year battery life, and SIL2/SIL3 certification from TÜV Nord in accordance with IEC 61508.     

ABB Inc.

Accurate air/gas measurement

SDP800 digital differential pressure sensors from Sensirion accurately measure air and non-aggressive gas pressure with no offset drift. They cover a pressure range of up to ±500 Pa (±2 in. H2O/±5 mbar), and feature a digital, two-wire I2C interface, which makes it easy to connect to a microprocessor. SDP800 performance is based on patented CMOSens sensor technology, which combines sensor element, signal processing and digital calibration on a small CMOS chip. This technology is suited for high-quality mass production, and is the ideal for demanding and cost-sensitive OEM applications.


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