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Product roundup: temperature and pressure

Jan. 6, 2017
Temperature and pressure tools are gaining new capabilities, form factors and protections for securing and delivering their essential signals and data.

Benchtop digital panel meter

MDS8PT is a universal unit that houses the company’s Platinum Series 1/8-DIN digital panel meter. Its color-changing LED display is programmable at any setpoint or alarm. The unit can handle 10 types of thermocouples, thermistors, multiple RTDs, and several process (DC) voltage and current ranges. It also has universal input with dual alarm relays, optional RS232/RS485 Modbus and embedded Ethernet.

Omega Engineering Inc. / 888-826-6342

Rugged for remote pressure

Engineered for durability to combat corrosion and chemicals, DSF26 digital pressure gauge features stainless-steel, sapphire and FKM wetted parts. Suitable for remote monitoring, it offers a high-visibility display, standard analog output, and up to four SPDT switches, and can handle up to 5,800 psig. Setpoints and switch hysteresis are easily adjusted via the keypad.

Kobold Instruments Inc. / 412-788-2830

Programmable transmitter

TT233 series signal-conditioning I/O modules are designed to provide easier installation and setup, are only 12.5 mm wide for high-density mounting on DIN rails, and provide a convenient USB connection to a PC for simple, precise configuration using Windows software. They’re output loop-powered and support source or sink output wiring connections on the current loop with a 12-32 VDC supply.


Temperature calibrator 

Jofra CTC series compact temperature calibrators have full-color displays, improved navigation, auto-step with up to 12 preset temperatures, optimized switch test with automatic up and down test runs,   assisted manual calibration, and store up to five calibration processes. They improve accuracy to ±0.2 °C, and offer three versions with an overall temperature range of -25 °C to 660 °C.

Ametek Sensors, Test & Calibration / +45 48 16 80 00

Smart transmitter for SIS

SIL 3-capable STZ functional safety smart HART temperature transmitter is dependable and accurate in safety instrumented systems (SIS), and is certified by exida as conforming with IEC 61508:2010. STZ offers a dual-sensor input that reduces interruptions. Backup and fail-over protection allow sensors or inputs to be designated as primary measurement with the secondary input acting as backup.

Moore Industries-International Inc. / 800-999-2900

Want more? Download the white paper: How to perform temperature profiling in hazardous environments

Plug-in LCD for temperature

An optional plug-in LCD indicator fits directly on the TTH300 temperature transmitter, provides convenient parameter reading on the device, and allows users to perform configuration or parameter adjustments on the spot without the need for additional equipment like a handheld device.

ABB Inc. / 800-435-7365

Wireless pressure gauge

Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge uses field-proven piezoresistive sensor technology to deliver reliable pressure readings. It also provides up to 150x overpressure protection compared to traditional gauges; eliminates weak points of mechanical gauges; and provides up to a 10-year life. The large 4.5-in. gauge face provides easy visibility.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Measure absolute or gauge pressure

Cerabar PMP11, 21 and 23 pressure transducers measure up to 6,000 psi and are factory-spannable to specific requirements. They’re available with threaded or welded hygienic process connections, meet industry standards including FDA, FM, IEC and Ex, and provide 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC output signals.

Endress+Hauser / 888-ENDRESS (363-7377)

Thin-film, fast response

ProSense SPTD25 pressure transmitter has a thin-film sensing element for fast response. It resists vibration, shock and EMI/RFI, and is accurate over a broad, compensated temperature range. SPTD25 has a 1/4-in. NPT male-threaded process connection, M12 electrical connection, and 4-20 mA output with 100-5,000 psig sensing range.

AutomationDirect / 800-633-0405

Dual-compartment transmitter 

YTA610 is a mid-range temperature transmitter with the same dual-compartment housing for transmitter terminal block and electronics used by Yokogawa’s high-end models for environmental resistance. YTA610 supports HART7 and Foundation Fieldbus ITK 6, and complies with IEC 61508.

Yokogawa Corp. of America / 800-888-6400

Four-in-one for pressure

AD1 Transmitter is a wireless four-in-one analog and discrete signal-monitoring solution for connecting up to three 0-5 VDC analog sensors, providing high-resolution, 24-bit analog to digital conversion (ADC). It delivers up to 9.5 VDC to each analog output source, and can calibrate zero and max points. Designed for use in Class I, Div. 1 (Zone 0) hazardous locations, AD1 is intrinsically safe.

OleumTech / 866-508-8586

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