Online resources to help you understand pressure instruments better

July 8, 2015
Measuring pressure or calibrating pressure instruments is not that easy. These online resources can help.

Pressure In Hazardous Areas

In controlled environments, pressure measurement is relatively straightforward. However, in the mobile equipment industry and other hazardous areas, application variables can have a huge impact on pressure measurement accuracy. The consequences for pressure measurement errors can be widespread and potentially dangerous. Fortunately, by anticipating and accommodating challenges in pressure measurement common in hazardous environments, operators and engineers can prevent misreadings, damage to equipment or personnel injury, and costly downtime. This whitepaper addresses several common and sometimes difficult application challenges that need to be considered when selecting a pressure sensor, as well as some suggestions to help avoid potential problems. Download the free whitepaper. 

Demystifying The Use Of API 682

The 4th edition of API 682 changed instrumentation from switches to transmitters. Since this change is not mandatory, users should understand its intent and decide if it’s appropriate for their organizations. After years of delays, API 682 4th edition was finally released this past May, signifying a change to transmitters instead of switches for monitoring seal support systems. This article discusses the change from switches to transmitters. By transitioning to transmitters with proportional in lieu of switch outputs, end users in the API Task Force hoped to use measurement trending to infer seal and instrumentation health. Knowing when the seal or measurement device is about to fail allows maintenance to proactively schedule a resolution before a catastrophic failure, and prevent unplanned shutdowns that can cost millions in lost revenue. It discusses the implications of changing to pressure (and other primary measurement) transmitters, and offers recommendations and factors that should be taken into consideration before making the switch. You can find the direct link here.
United Electric Controls

Pressure Measurement User's Guide

This free, 57-page PDF covers pressure measurement fundamentals, the science of dead weight pressure testers, calibration, manometers, secondary comparison pressure standard, selection of pressure measurement standards and more. The direct link can be found here.

Pressure Calibration The Right Way

This 15-minute webinar covers the most common pressure devices and their failures, testing pressure transmitters and switches, and testing and adjusting HART smart pressure transmitters. It’s easy to follow and a must-view for those looking for pressure calibration solutions. You can find the direct link here. 

Expert Advice

Control columnist, Béla Lipták and his team of experts tackle the problem of furnace pressure measurement. “We’re measuring the pressure in a furnace as shown in the drawing. Should the blast pressure be more than purging pressure? Is this right? If the figure is right, why use a purging line? Could we just use blast pressure all the time?” Find out what they have to say here. 

Calibrating Pressure Instruments

Hunter Vegas from Wunderlich Malec, and Ned Espy and Roy Tomalino from Beamex present a two-part ISA webinar on the basics, crucial issues and best practices for successful pressure calibration. Control’s executive editor, Jim Montague, delivers a detailed summary of the two presentations. View the webinar here

Pressure Measurement Basics

This brief, free tutorial from National Instruments contains basic information about pressure instrumentation, including a definition of pressure, measurment methods, sensor types, choosing the right sensor, designing pressure mcasurement systems and much more. You can view the tutorial here.

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