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Pressure Instrumentation

Sept. 18, 2009
Looking for pressure transmitter technology? Here are some of the latest applications.
SEALED FROM THE ENVIRONMENTOmegadyne740/965-9340MMA500V Series micro-machined silicon pressure transducers have all welded stainless-steel construction, 316 wetted parts and glass-to-metal seals (GMS) at the electrical outlets. This ensures the unit is hermetically sealed from external environments and the media. Also, ranges are from 100 to 5000 psi, accuracies from 0.08% to 0.03%, and a variety of pressure and electrical connections are available.
AIR RELAY PRESSURE SWITCHESK-TEK225/673-6100Beta Air Relay is designed for valve control, bleed-off, shutdown or alarm applications—both offshore and on-shore—and can be used safely in hazardous areas, including Zone 0 (no spark) applications. The switches are available in two configurations: Type SA for NC operation and Type SB for NO operation.
PRESSURE TRANSMITTERSchneider Electric800/392-8781XMLG pressure transmitter is a part of any pumping system, as it converts applied pressure to an electrical signal that can be used to control and/or monitor a process variable. With pressure ranges from -14.5 psi to 8700 psi, and optional analog current output as 4-20 mA or a voltage output from 0 V to 10 V, the pressure transmitter interfaces with common automation systems, whether they are PLC-based or variable-frequency drives.
MULTIVARIABLE TRANSMITTERYokogawa Corp. of America 800/888-6400EJX930 multivariable transmitter handles static pressure to 4500 psi. It provides five measurements from one device, including fully compensated mass flow, static pressure, external temperature, capsule temperature and amplifier temperature. The transmitter is available with fieldbus and supports AR, IS, SC, IT and PID function blocks and the software download function.
PRESSURE GAUGEAutomation Products Group888/525-7300PG5 digital pressure gauge with five-digit display includes user-selectable setup features, and offers 0.01-digit resolution as standard through 100 psi. It is available with ranges from vacuum up to 500 psi, and from 0 psi to 10000 psi, at ±0.25% accuracy of full scale (BFSL). The unit is self-powered by a 9 V battery.
INTRINSICALLY SAFETURCK800/544-7769PT4400 intrinsically safe pressure sensors use a media-isolated, stainless-steel diaphragm for use in pneumatics, water treatment, hydrogen storage, hydraulic systems, oil and gas, and HVAC/R. It is classified as UL/cUL 913 (CSA 157), Class I, Div. 1, Groups C and D when installed with an approval barrier. Pressure ranges are up to 10000 psi with burst pressure up to 20000 psi.
SAFETY TRANSMITTERSABB800/829-6001Model 268 pressure transmitters meet TÜV SIL2 specifications for safety loop applications. Variations are available for measuring differential, gauge and absolute pressures with or without remote (isolating) seals. The transmitters have a TÜV-certified (Hardware Fault Tolerant) equal to 1, which means they can function in dangerous situations without a serious hardware error. Span limits range from 0.8 in. H2O to 2320 psi and 4 mm Hg to 2320 psia.
DP FLOW SOLUTIONEndress+Hauser317/535-1304Deltatop is a complete flow monitoring solution that includes an averaging Pitot tube for measuring gas, liquid and steam. Deltaset is an orifice plate primary device with flange unions, manifold and transmitter that is designed specifically for applications in accordance with ASME B16.36 for measuring flow on liquid, gas or steam. Also, these flow solutions are available in class 300# to 2400# flanges, which are available in sizes from ½-in. to 24-in. pipes.
EXPLOSION-PROOF SWITCHESUnited Electric Controls617/926-1000One Series line of digital electronic pressure switches and electronic temperature switches now include an explosion-proof model. Designed to meet the needs of harsh and hazardous applications, these explosion-proof pressure and temperature switches can be used in Div. 1 (Zone 1) and Div. 2 (Zone 2) areas. They have up to two fully adjustable set points and deadbands, 4-20 mA analog output, and no moving parts.
NUCLEAR PRESSURE TRANSMITTERSUltra Electronics512-434-2950Ultra Electronics offers a line of nuclear-qualified gauge, differential and absolute pressure transmitters used in the nuclear power industry. Models are available for inside and outside containment, radiation resistance and seismic, as well as commercial-grade, and balance-of-plant applications. Qualified to IEEE-344 (seismic) and IEEE-323 (environmental) standards, these transmitters feature a variety of performance and accident specification profiles that meet PWR, BWR and CANDU power station requirements.THE STRENGTH OF 10
Emerson Process Management
Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable mass flow transmitter integrates multi-variable measurement into the scalable 3051S platform. Users can customize their flow measurement solution for the application, choosing only the sensors required. One 3051SMV performs the function of the 10 devices traditionally required for differential pressure mass flow measurement. The highest level of performance is achieved with the SuperModule platform and patented Saturn sensing technology that delivers a 10x improvement and 10-year stability. Process temperature measurement is enhanced through sensor matching using Callendar-Van Dusen constants. 
SMART PRESSUREHoneywell800/343-0228Honeywell's ST 3000 Series smart pressure transmitters include differential pressure, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, draft range and remote seal transmitters. ST 3000 consists of two lines–Series 100 and Series 900. ST 3000 Series 100 is ideal for critical process loops and high-dollar applications, such as custody transfer and energy and material balances. Series 100 transmitters offer ±0.0375% accuracy, ±0.01% per year stability, 470 years MTBF reliability, and 400 to 1 rangeability. Series 900 transmitters offer smart performance at analog prices. They offer a greater turndown ratio than conventional transmitters, along with local zero and span, ±0.01% per year stability, and 470 years MTBF reliability.
SEVERE SERVICE AIDAshcroft800/328-8258Ashcroft Type 1008S pressure gauge offers a combination of features designed for use in harsh installations. A sealed stainless-steel case along with stainless-steel wetted materials allow Type 1008S to withstand most environments and service media. In addition, the patented PowerFlex movement ensures a longer service life despite shock and vibration while the optional Plus or liquid-filled configurations counter pointer instability due to pulsation. Also, the 1008S is available in 2.5-in. (63mm) or 4-in. (100mm) dial sizes and in ranges from vacuum through 15000 psi.
PUSHBUTTON PRESSUREMartel Electronics Corp.603/434-1433Intended as a user-friendly replacement for old-school, cumbersome pressure calibrators, BetaGauge 330 can generate pressures up to 150 psi with the touch of a button. The handheld, lightweight calibrator comes with 0.025% accuracy, NIST calibration certificate, batteries, test hose, fittings and instruction manual and carrying case. 
SANITARY PRESSURE GAUGESLumenite Control Technology800/323-8510      Lumenite offers a complete line of sanitary pressure gauges, 4-20mA pressure transmitters and digital gauges in every sanitary mounting configuration with 3A, USDA and third-party verification listing. A variety of pressure ranges are stocked for immediate delivery with attractive prices at each quantity level. Lumenite welcomes inquiries by sales representatives for selected, protected territories.HAZARDOUS DUTY
Moore Industries-International
Moore Industries' IPX2 current-to-pressure transmitter is Factory Mutual (FM)-certified intrinsically safe, non-incendive, explosion-proof and dust-ignition-proof, including certification to use natural gas (up to 20 ppm of H2S) as its pneumatic supply in Class I, II & III, Division 1, Groups A-G areas. The IPX2 is loop-powered and accepts a current signal (such as 4-20mA) from a DCS, PLC or PC-based control system. It converts the current signal to 22 available pneumatic signals proportional to the input (3-15 psig, 0.2-1Bar, 20-100kPa, etc.). It comes with a rugged field-mount metal enclosure that stands up to harsh field conditions and is rated to operate ambient conditions between –40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to +185 °F) with an IP56 (Air) and IP66 (-NG) Ingress Protection and NEMA 4X ratings. COMPACT BALL VALVES
Innovative Pressure Technologies
Innovative Pressure Technologies IPT 6000 PSI Compact Switching Ball Valves  feature trunnion-style ball construction to deliver reliable 3-way performance at working pressures up to 6,000 PSI (414 bar) in a bottom-ported, compact 3.20-in. x 1-25-in. x 2.5-in. (81.3-mm x 31.8-mm x 63.5-mm) package. The bottom-ported, 3-way design eliminates additional tube bending and the use of additional fittings to minimize potential leak paths. The valves are 100%-tested for quick start-up and high-performance operation, and all seats and seals are replaceable to reduce replacement valve costs. They come in 3/16-in. (4.8-mm) port size, standard 1/8-in. or ¼-in. FNPT connections and quickly panel-mount via a 13/16-in. to 7/8-in. (20-6 mm to 22.2-mm) diameter hole. They are rated per MSS SP-99, marked per MSS SP-25, and can be constructed to satisfy NACE requirements for corrosion resistance.  SMART MANOMETER
Meriam's M200LS Lab Standard Smart Manometer offers the best available pressure measurement accuracy in a portable, handheld format. The NIST-traceable accuracy is typically ±0.01% of F.S. and is independent of temperature effect over an operating temperature range of 59 ºF to 86 ºF. Pressure ranges from 28" H2O F.S. to 500 PSIG F.S. are available.  M2 pressure sensors are available to measure gauge, differential, absolute or vacuum pressure. The display can read out in any of eleven pressure units or can be linearly scaled for special user units. Differential models offer a square root flow function to display flow rate in user defined units. An adjustable damping feature minimizes the effects of pulsating pressures. A Min/Max function captures the extremes of pulsating or varying pressure signals and a Hold function can freeze the display at any point of interest.  Auto Record documents up to 240 readings for future recall.

ControlAir Inc.
The Type-595XP explosion-proof, current-to-pressure I/P transducer is small and light- weight, yet is less sensitive to shock, vibration and position change than other I/Ps.  The unit's low power consumption and FM and CSA approvals and ATEX certification make it ideal for hazardous environments in remote locations. The Type-595XP can mount in any position and is stable in high vibration environments.The unit is ideal for applications where power is at a premium, such as, booster stations in remote locations that often do not have access to compressed plant air for operation of pneumatic valve actuators. Applications include valve control in such industries as, chemical, petrochemical, paint, mining, and oil and gas.

Siemens SITRANS P DSIII flush-mounted pressure transmitter is designed according to sanitary guidelines. It provides a connection to the process without any dead space. The instrument is certified according to EHEDG and 3A standards. Due to the flush-mounted stainless steel membrane, additional gaskets around the measuring cell are not necessary. Diagnostic capabilities include high- or low-signal limit alarms; peak value registers that store the maximum and minimum values for pressure, sensor temperature, and electronics temperature; and two programmable “watchdog” timers that alert  the operator when user-set maintenance and calibration times occur. Local configuration of all operational parameters can be made using pushbuttons on the instrument. Simulation capabilities provide for a complete signal simulation from the input through to the output. MODULAR CALIBRATION SYSTEMS
Davis Instrument
Davis Instruments carries the new DPI 620 Multifunction Calibrators from GE Sensing. These advanced modular calibration systems provide power and precision in a robust, portable design. The DPI 620 multifunction calibrators are able to simultaneously measure and source mA, mV, V, ohms, frequency and a variety of RTDs and thermocouples. Built-in HART configurator provides setup and calibration adjustment of HART devices for digital communication. Each calibrator is capable of measuring pressures from 0.35 psi to 15,000 psi. Video-quality touch screen provides a bright, crystal-clear display which can be operated by a gloved hand. Built with strong casing, weatherproof to IP65, these calibrators are able to withstand tough conditions on the production floor or out in the field. MORE THAN A MANOMETER
E Instruments Group
The new MP200 is a highly sensitive and accurate instrument. In addition to pressure measurements, more advanced features of this versatile and innovative tool include leak test procedures, air velocity with density compensation, temperature and CO Testing. The backlit LCD display is easy to read in either light or dark environments. Measures up to 800 in H2O range. Accuracy of 0.3% of rdg, Thermocouple modules included. Direct velocity measurement (w/ Pitot). 11 Pressure units include: Pa, PSI, mbar, bar, mmH2O, inH2O, and more. MAX, MIN, HOLD, Unit Selection. Large 128 x 128 pixel display.

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