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Smart pressure

June 8, 2007
As the smart pressure transmitter market for complex applications continues to grow, our Product Roundup this month focues in on it as one of the primary products used in the process industries.
The process industries are truly dependent on the measurement of pressure to keep their facilities running. According to a study from Venture Development Corp., “In 2005, the majority of worldwide electronic process pressure shipments were for use in chemical/petrochemical and oil/gas industry applications, with an above-average growth expected for the oil/gas industry.” Growth in these areas is attributed to new or upgraded facilities worldwide, the pace of automation introduction in facilities and use of new technologies. Let’s focus in on smart process transmitters, one of the primary products used in the process industries.

Smart pressure transmitters have become increasingly popular because of the complexity of many applications and the requirements for multiple sensing functions. “The ongoing trend in the process pressure transmitter market is to smart product types with digital communication interfaces,” reports Venture Development Corp. “Shipment of traditional analog output types are expected to continue declining over the next five years. The principle reason for this trend is the shift to digital networking in facilities, thus eliminating much wiring. However, other benefits become available with the inclusion of intelligence in the transmitters, such as self-calibration, remote calibration and ranging and self diagnostics.”

The report goes on to say, “In 2005, the HART communication protocol was provided with the majority of worldwide smart process pressure transmitter shipments. HART is expected to still account for the dominant shipment share in 2010, however, with a somewhat lower share as other buses/networks become more popular. In addition to HART, declines in shipment shares of proprietary protocols are expected, as vendors increase offerings of transmitters equipped with open protocols, such as FOUNDATION fieldbus and Profibus, and as these gain acceptance among users. It is also expected that wireless Ethernet connectivity will gain acceptance and be a small share of shipments by 2010.”

Product Roundup:
Pressure Instrumentation

Intelligent Pressure Measurement
SCADASense 4012/4032 Modbus pressure transmitters offer measurement of process absolute, gauge or different pressure. As fully digital transmitters, they can be networked using Modbus over Ethernet or a selectable RS485/232 serial line. Any Modbus master can access and control a large number of these transmitters. With optional PID controller and analog output, a 2-year warranty and CSA Class 1, Div. 1, hazardous area rating, these transmitters can be used in a variety of gas, water and industrial applications. Control Microsystems; 613/591-1943; www.controlmicrosystems.com

Slightly Taller than a 12-oz Soda Can
The 364 pressure transmitter uses an all-welded housing to eliminate the need for seals, flanges, bolts and gaskets to prevent leaks. Slightly taller than a 12-oz soda can, the transmitter has a base accuracy of 0.06% of the upper range limit. Stability keeps errors below 0.15% URK over 10 years. An optional 2-in. LCD display helps minimize maintenance and commissioning costs. ABB Instrumentation; 800/435-7365; www.abb.us

Wireless Pressure Transmitter
Rosemount 3051S Series of pressure transmitters offer encryption for data security, join and network keys for network security and anti-jamming technology. The local display has pushbuttons for diagnostics, bar graph for connectivity indication and alert/diagnostics local indication. Rosemount, Emerson Process Management; 800/999-9307; www.rosemount.com/smartwireless

Measurement in Corrosive Media
AccuGauge media-isolated digital pressure gauge can be used with any gas, liquid or solid media that is compatible with 17-4 PH stainless steel. The gauge is free of welds, internal O-rings and fluid-filled cavities. Gauges can measure pressure in psi, bar, kg/cm2, inches Hg, inches H2O and ATM. American Sensor Technologies; 973/448-1901; www.astsensors.com

Wireless Integrated Pressure Switch
AWI-PS wireless integrated pressure switch is suited for process applications that require a relay to close or open at a given pressure. This system makes it possible to collect real-time data and realize cost savings for tank farms, pipelines, in plant and other industrial applications for pressure monitoring and measurement without the constraints of hard wiring. Solon Manufacturing; 440/286-7149; www.solonmfg.com

Monitor Pressure
Model 231 Multi-Sense wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer is suited for users who need to monitor control pump differential pressures, chiller or boiler differential pressure drops and flow measurement of gasses or liquids. Field-selectable features include switch-selectable pressure ranges, selectable analog outputs and unidirectional and bidirectional ranging of span, all in one unit. Setra Systems; 800/257-3872; www.setra.com

Cryongenic Pressure
Model 7700 cryogenic pressure and/or temperature transmitter is designed to withstand extreme conditions. It offers pressure, temperature or dual pressure and temperature output in one device. Measurement ranges are as low as -320 °F, and pressure ranges from 0-15 psi through 0-15,000 psi are offered. mV/V, 0-5 V dc and 4-20 mA outputs and multiple pressure port and electrical connection options are available. GP:50; 877/774-4751; www.gp50.com

Quick User Setup
SITRANS P ZD pressure transmitters measure pressure, absolute pressure and level of liquids and gases. They are used to indicate and monitor the pressure measured at the point of installation and are available in axial and radial versions. The transmitters are configured using three key adjustments underneath the housing cover. A 5-digit display shows measured pressure. Siemens Energy & Automation, Process Instrumentation; 800/241-4453; www.sea.siemens.com/ia

Sanitary Pressure Transmitter
F-20-3A pressure transmitter is designed for demanding CIP and SIP environments. It features an integral 3A-approved diaphragm seal and an electro polished ¾-in. to 4-in. Tri-Clamp process connection. It also features a stable, all-welded, thin-film stainless-steel sensor, 4-20 MA and 0.25% accuracy (BFSL). Wika Instrument; 888/945-2872; www.wika.com

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