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Emerson re-issues pressure gauge manual

Feb. 4, 2006
Emerson Process Management has published the fifth edition of its Pressure Regulator Application Guides. Previously combined into one volume, known as the Regulator Handbook, these guide now are available in two volumes, Natural Gas Regulators and Industrial Regulators.

The guides are a reference for technical applications and pressure data on Emerson’s Fisher natural gas and industrial regulators, and are designed to provide assistance in selecting the right pressure regulator for a broad range of applications anywhere. The guides provide detailed information on the principles of various products and applications such as air, steam, tank blanketing, liquids, and natural and process gases.

The 465-page Industrial Application Guide has the same technical information as the previous handbook along with new information on Fisher sanitary regulators. Similarly, 580-page Natural Gas Application Guide contains all previous handbook data, along with information on all new Fisher regulators. The guides are useful for engineers, maintenance technicians and supervisors, and those in purchasing or production/plant operations.

To obtain copies of the Application Guides call Emerson at 800/558-5883 or go to FISHERregulators.com.