Ametek Solartron Metrology's SR Series Displacement Transducers

March 27, 2012
Based on its popular field-proven S Series displacement transducers, the SR Series has been ruggedized for challenging environments and applications.
The SR Series, developed for challenging laboratory, test and process control applications, features a strong modular construction with a stainless steel body and core carrier along with sturdy end caps and guides to ensure long life and reliability under harsh conditions. Solartron increased the environmental ratings for the SR Series to IP 68 or hermetically sealed, both with higher temperature capabilities where required on the AC and digital versions. It also added extra screening against electrical interference and pressure tested the transducers to 100 bar (submersible). Screw mount options are available. MS-type axial connector also is an option. The submersible version comes with three meters of FEP cable standard. Standard mount versions are available as free core or guided armature. Spring return is an option with an external spring on guided versions.