Beckhoff's Pressure Measuring Terminals

Sept. 22, 2009
PRESSURE MEASURING TERMINALSThe new KM37xx pressure measuring terminals are designed to record differential and absolute pressures and are a flexible, cost-effective alternative to standalone pressure measuring instruments. The one-channel KM3701 measures differences up to an ambient pressure of 7,000 hPa (7 bar) between points. The KM3702 2-channel absolute pressure measuring terminal records pressure values between 0 and 7,000 hPa (7 bar) at each hose connector. The KM3712 two-channel absolute pressure measuring terminal records negative pressure values between -1,000 hPa (-1 bar) and 0 hPa at each hose connector. They can be used in any situation that requires measurement and monitoring of differential and dynamic pressures in non-aggressive gases, including pressure tanks, pressurized cabins, pneumatic and suction systems.