Honeywell's Smart Pressure Transmitters

Sept. 18, 2009
SMART PRESSUREHoneywell's ST 3000 Series smart pressure transmitters include differential pressure, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, draft range and remote seal transmitters. ST 3000 consists of two lines–Series 100 and Series 900. ST 3000 Series 100 is ideal for critical process loops and high-dollar applications, such as custody transfer and energy and material balances. Series 100 transmitters offer ±0.0375% accuracy, ±0.01% per year stability, 470 years MTBF reliability, and 400 to 1 rangeability. Series 900 transmitters offer smart performance at analog prices. They offer a greater turndown ratio than conventional transmitters, along with local zero and span, ±0.01% per year stability, and 470 years MTBF reliability.