Moore Industries' THZ WirelessHART Solution

June 23, 2014
Innovation Means Package Can be Installed Without the Need for Potentially Expensive Signal Wiring or Additional Power

Representing a new way to get accurate temperature readings in remote locations while accessing valuable data, Moore Industries'  THZ WirelessHART Temperature solution combines THZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitter and the BULLET WirelessHART Adapter by MACTek into one reliable and affordable self-powered package.

The new WL housing includes a battery case utilizing off-the-shelf D-type lithium batteries wired to the transmitter and the BULLET. This innovation means that the package can be installed without the need for potentially expensive signal wiring or additional power. This saves on long-term maintenance and repair costs associated with wiring along with eliminating the need to stock or purchase special batteries. It also reduces replacement battery costs by cycling the THZ’s power and taking periodic readings to optimize the balance between power needs and wireless communication update rates. This and other features allow the lithium batteries to last up to four to five years.