Moore Industries' Multi-Channel Temp Transmitter

Sept. 22, 2009
MULTI-CHANNEL TEMP TRANSMITTER Moore Industries' Multi-Channel Temp TransmitterTemperature Concentrator System (TCS) accepts any combination of RTD, T/C, mV and resistance/potentiometer signal inputs, converts them to the HART protocol, and transmits  data from the field to the control room on an economical HART digital data link over a twisted-pair wire. All process, status and diagnostic information can then be accessed by a HART-based control system. When used with the optional HMC HART-to-Modbus converter, HMC transmits HART data as a Modbus RTU signal, which interfaces with any Modbus RTU-based PC, PLC or control system. TCS can be set to accept RTD  thermocouple,  resistance/potentiometer, and millivolt inputs.