Selco Products' Series 1/2-in. disc thermostats

Dec. 15, 2008
Thermostats have precision differential for improved temperature control accuracy
TEMPERATURE CONTROLPrecision Differential Thermostat Series feature tight differential between 9ºF and 14ºF (5ºC to 8ºC) for accurate temperature control. They are available with Open on Rise (OA) and Close on Rise (CA) configurations Features include a Phenolic body, setpoint between 50ºF and 203ºF (10ºC to 95ºC) and a switch that utilizes a temperature sensitive, snap-action bimetal disc, electrically isolated from the switch. Contacts open or close on rise when surface temperature or ambient temperature increases to the setpoint of the calibrated bimetal disc.Selco Products; 800/229-2332;