Veriteq Instruments

Dec. 6, 2005
Relative humidity data logger adds critical capacity
Relative Humidity Data Logger
VL-2000 high-stability relative humidity (RH) and temperature data logger verifies environmental conditions in critical validation applications.

Product features: 

  1. Portable self-contained relative humidity & temperature data logger for critical validation applications
  2. Equipped with internal relative humidity & temperature sensors, memory and ten-year battery
  3. Tamper-proof operation produces reliable and secure documentation for validation records
  4. Password-protected setup, download and calibration functions ensure integrity of collected data
  5. Records relative humidity (RH) and temperature without wires, power cords or connections
  6. Traceable instrument-grade RH and temperature measurement accuracy
  7. Adjustable logging intervals with multi-year data recording capacity
  8. Premium quality precision sensors offer exceptional in-calibration data logger performance

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