Weed Instrument

Nov. 9, 2005
Resistance temperature detector is hand-breakable
Resistance Temperature Detector
Model 120 Hand-Breakable RTD, scored every 1-1/2 inches for easy breakability without tools, reduces both inventory and downtime and requires no tools. The RTD allows simple length modification and features tube-and-wire construction, a thin-film temperature-sensing element, and a Teflon-insulated lead wire in a fiberglass and stainless steel sheath. It is manufactured in sheath lengths of both 18” and 34” (additional custom lengths are optionally available) and diameter of 1/4”. Optional fittings can be installed and include both compression and spring-loaded sheaths. Temperature-sensing elements can be constructed of single- or dual-platinum, nickel or copper; lead wires are supplied as 4-wire, 6-wire (dual 3-wire) or 8-wire (dual 4-wire).