Hart Scientific

July 25, 2005
Metrology wells for use in industrial manufacturing settings
Metrology Wells
Metrology wells offer stability to ±0.005C° and axial (vertical) uniformity to ±0.02C° for calibration of a thermometers and temperature sensors. Models 9170, 9171, 9172, and 9173 provide cal lab performance for both laboratory and field environments. With radial (well-to-well) uniformity to ±0.01C°, built-in reference accuracy to ±0.006C°, error from loading to ±0.005C°, hysteresis to ±0.025C°, and immersion depth to 203 mm (8”), they can be used in food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other manufacturing settings as well as metrology labs. The 917X Series metrology wells feature LCD displays, numeric keypads, and a menu-driven interface that make operation of the instruments simple and fast. Additional features include preprogrammed tasks, such as “ramp-and-soak” routines, which can be saved in the memory. A dedicated °C/°F button allows for switching of temperature units.