Temperature concentrator system enhanced by Ethernet for increased measurement efficiency

July 1, 2024

TCS temperature concentrator system has been updated with an HES HART-to-Ethernet gateway system that’s used with its 16-channel TCM temperature concentrator modules, which allows Ethernet-based communication with the TCS. The HES is available in a single-channel or four-channel model, and can connect with up to two TCMs per channel, allowing up to eight TCMs to communicate with one HES. This allows 128 different temperature signals to flow over an Ethernet link from the field to a Modbus/TCP-based host.

These temperature readings can be read by a HART-IP host, or viewed with any off-the-shelf web browser because HES includes an embedded web server. HES can communicate with up to 16 HART devices per channel. Each 16-channel TCM is considered one HART device, so if two TCMs are connected on a particular HES channel, 14 additional HART devices can still be connected to the channel along with the TCMs.

TCM converts its signal inputs to standard HART protocol. This lets HES poll each TCM using a device-specific HART command that enables the TCM to send all 16 channel values in one HART message packet, which increases throughput and response time.

Consequently, TCS reduces the cost of transmitting multiple temperature sensor measurements in general-purpose and hazardous areas. Equipped with 16 I/O channels, TCM can be configured for various input types, and converts them to the HART protocol for long-distance transmission to an HES, HCS or HART-based host. TCS supports HART, Modbus RTU, Modbus/TCP and HART-IP communications, allowing seamless integration with various monitoring and control systems. It’s also intrinsically safe (IS)-approved for use in hazardous areas, and enables cost-effective installation by minimizing the need for dedicated transmitters and wiring.

Moore Industries-International Inc.