Meggitt offers HART-enabled vibration sensors

Jan. 25, 2016
Meggitt's PCH420V vibration sensor has a programmable transmitter that allows vibration data to be accessed by HART enabled process controllers.
Meggitt's PCH420V is the first HART®-enabled piezo-electric vibration sensor enabling continuous online monitoring of balance-of-plant assets with a digital connection to PLC or DCS systems for local analysis of multiple vibration bands. They are capable of installation in multi-drop configurations and reduce wiring requirements. HART functionality enables the user to specify vibration frequency bands, detector types and full-scale measurement ranges—effectively enabling field-configuration for specific monitoring requirements.

PCH420 sensors are powered by the network for continuous coverage, unlike wireless solutions only offering snapshots of asset performance and employing batteries that require frequent replacement. Utilizing PCH systems offers less than half the cost of wireless monitoring systems that require gateways and other infrastructure to install, and can cost more than $1,000 per measurement point. The easily implemented technology allows data to be accessed by HART-enabled process controllers and information systems for better-informed decisions and improved predictive diagnostic capabilities.

Meggitt's new integrated technology adds vibration sensors to the ranks of temperature, pressure, flow, level and analytical transmitters, which have been HART-capable for more than a decade. Critical asset performance can be accurately monitored, adding to the reliability and performance of the entire process.

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