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  • Back to Basics: Cybersecurity

    Walt Boyes talks about cybersecurity and its relationship to functional security. Today the process automation world is vulnerable to online safety disasters derived from online hacking, sabotage and/or cyber–stupidity accidents. Sometimes, these cybersecurity breaches result in human death. Watch this Back to Basics episode and learn how you can defend your security control systems from cybersecurity attacks.

  • PODCAST: The Control/ARC Top 50

    ARC's Larry O'Brien and Craig Resnick talk with Walt Boyes about vendors, rankings, mergers, acquisitions, technology trends and things end users need to watch for.

  • Building Automation and Energy Management System

    * Energy Consumption Collection of College
    * Energy Consumption Collection of Office Building
    * Energy Consumption Collection of Public Construction Building
    * Equipment Monitoring and Controlling of Factory
    * Equipment Monitoring and Controlling of Hotel
    * Equipment Monitoring and Controlling of Office Building
    * Intelligent control over community thermal systems

  • Machine Automation

    * LED Die Bonding
    * Automatic Winding Machine
    * Auto-Feeding Cutting Plotter Machine
    * 3D CNC Tube Bending Machine
    * Vulcanization & Curing Process for Tire Production

  • Power and Energy

    * Reliable Networking for Distributed Control System
    * Power Line Selection in a Fault Protection Network
    * Substation Automation Solutions
    * Nuclear Power Station Simulation System
    * Wind Power SCADA System

  • Transportation

    * Real-time Traffic Information Display System
    * Railroad Crossing Real Time Monitoring System
    * Port Container Yard Lighting Control System
    * Wharf Crane Control System

  • Market Intelligence Report: Recorders and Data Acquisition

    Executive editor Jim Montague analyzes the results of Control's survey on recorders and data acquisition devices. Automation professional need to know different data values across the plant floor such as temperature, level, flow and pressure, when monitoring and controlling plant processes. However, the way that the data gets collected, analyzed, archived and reported has changed over the years. It continues to evolve and expand fast.
    Watch this video report to learn how recorders and data acquisition devices have changed, and how these are being used on the plant floor today.

  • Blog Talk Radio Talks SCADA

    Allie Herzog from Blog Talk Radio Talks SCADA With CONTROL Magazine's Editor-In-Chief, Walt Boyes. Hear What He Has to Say

  • Back to Basics: Calibration

    In this edition of Control's Back to Basic video series, executive editor Jim Montague studies calibration of field instruments. Calibration is often misunderstood and sometimes misused. This error can lead to costly lawsuits. Knowing what field instrument calibration is and what the pitfalls are can save you and your plant time and money.

  • Will IT Security & Plant Security Ever Be Able to Work Together?

    Walt Boyes explores this vital question with Bjorn Gudehus, a senior security advisor with Bell Canada, who spoke at the 2nd Annual Critical Infrastructure Conference in Calgary on Sept 28, 2009. Gudehus' paper is titled "Control System Security: Corporate and Control Resources Working Together."

  • Market Intelligence Report: Flowmeters

    Editor in chief Walt Boyes talks about the results of the latest Control survey on flowmeters. Control surveyed its audience asking how industry professionals use flowmeters. We received over 250 responses and the results surprised us.

  • Emerson and Meridium Double Up to Increase Asset Management Strength

    Emerson Process Management and Meridium have entered a unique partnership to deliver enhanced asset management capability to their process industry customers. In this podcast, Bonz Hart, Meridium president, and Craig Llewellyn, president of Emerson's Asset Optimization business, discuss this partnership and what users can expect from the new AMS Suite: Asset Portal 4.0 powered by Meridium.

  • Webcast: Elimination of Common Cause Failures in Integrated Control & Safety Systems

    Many process automation systems (DCS and PLC alike) incorporate Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) as an integral part of the system. These systems are Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-certified, exactly like older, separate systems. In order to illustrate the undiminished safety integrity of these fully integrated automation systems, they are described as "integrated, but separate."

    Proponents of these systems say that they not only maintain undiminished safety integrity, but they also enhance operation by addressing additional sources of risk and providing a comprehensive platform for process safety management, including safety engineering tools, operation management tools alarm management and maintenance.

    The challenge for the user is to assess how these Integrated Safety Systems can still act as a completely independent layer of protection.

  • What's New in Avantis.PRO 5.0?

    Invensys Avantis EAM software guru Kim Custeau answers our questions about improvement including Web Services, Maintenance Map and Contractor Management.

  • What the Invensys/Cognizant Agreement Means

    Control ME, Nancy Bartels talks with Steve Young of Invensys and Charlie Kaprelian of Cognizant about what the implications of the new business agreement between these two companies for the companies and their customers.

  • There's A New Sheriff in Town. Should Manufacturers Be Scared?

    The Obama administration has begun a number of new initiatives around energy sustainability that seem aimed directly at manufacturers. Walt Boyes talks with John Nesi and Angel Sustaeta of Rockwell Automation about the implication of these initiatives for process manufacturing operations.

  • What Is RISI and Why Is It Good for Industrial Security?

    Walt Boyes, John Cusimano of Exida and Eric Cosman of Dow Chemical talk about the newly formed Security Incidents Organization and its database of cybersecurity incidents, the Repository of Industrial Security Incidents or RISI. Find out what this organization is and how it can help secure your operations.

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