Resource guide: Wireless site survey tools

Nov. 15, 2018
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Radio mobile slides

This 41-slide PowerPoint, "Radio Mobile radio frequency (RF) site surveys," shows how Radio Mobile Freeware by Roger Coudé works to identify wireless pathways with help from GPS coordinates, but it also contains useful background on irregular terrain, elevation maps and survey steps. 

Data-Linc Group

Wi-Fi planning webinar

The 55-minute video, "Wi-Fi planning—the seven secrets" by Jussi Kiviniemi of Ekahau, covers a range of best practices, including talking to users about coverage, using high-quality, understanding 3D, coverage design, capacity and "when not to plan." Access the slides here


Cisco's WLAN guide

An online guide, "Site survey guidelines for wireless local area network (WLAN) deployment," has prerequisites, survey types and plans, base item checklist for survey providers, mistakes of poor surveys, capacity considerations, post-validation items, data rates and troubleshooting. 


Two Wi-Fi blog posts

These two posts, "Tips for accurate Wi-Fi predictive site surveys" and "Wi-Fi site surveying 101," show how to perform surveys and employ computer modeling to study RF environments. It also has a list of predictive site survey software suppliers. 

Revolution Wi-Fi

Height measuring apps 

To help with site mapping and antenna placements, there are many free software apps for measuring height using smart phones and tablet PCs. Some are for Android devices, and are available at Google Play. These include Smart Measure by Smart Tools and Two Point Height by Omega Centauri Software. Similar apps for Apple iOS include EasyMeasure by Caramba Apps Development.

Download at the Google Play Store 

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Wireless to-do list

This online article, "How to conduct a wireless site survey" by Jim Geier, includes a series of tasks and other items for users to consider, including requirements, facility diagram, visual inspection, assessing infrastructure, coverage areas, access points and documents. 

Wireless Nets

Network monitoring ebook 

The ebook, Network Monitoring for Dummies, includes networking basics and a deeper look into network monitoring; provides practical advice on monitoring, discovery, alerting, remediation and troubleshooting; and teaches best practices for network monitoring and identifying problems. It's free to download here with a valid business email, address and phone number.


Video lesson from Cisco

A 10-minute video, "Wi-Fi configuration, deployment, and troubleshooting: How to survey" by Jerome Henry of Cisco, is part of its Live Lessons. 

Cisco Press

Best Wi-Fi tools video 

This 17-miute video, "Best tools for a WiFi engineer—2017 edition" by Robert Boardman and Blake Krohne, covers the capabilities of a variety of useful wireless devices, and details many of the site surveys they perform. 

WiFi of Everything

Accurate surveys podcast

This 28-minute video, "Seven rules for accurate site surveys," consists of an audio presentation by Keith Parsons and is part of the WLPC Wireless LAN podcast series.

Wireless LAN Professionals

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