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Going Wireless

Sept. 22, 2008
Wireless Is On a Roll in the Temperature Measurement and Control Market

Manufacturers must increase efficiency and productivity to compete, and increasing automation is one way to meet these objectives. The temperature measurement and control market also is seeing the effects of these drivers.

The worldwide market for temperature transmitters may grow at a compounded annual rate of 6.5% over the next five years, according to an ARC Advisory Group study. “Sales of smart temperature transmitters will outpace those of conventional and low-cost devices as users seek to improve their visibility into plant operations to maximize productivity and the availability of production resources,” adds ARC’s Allen Avery.

And much of this boom will be in wireless. “While still in its early stages, the adoption of wireless field devices will dramatically affect the dynamics of the market for temperature transmitters and other field devices. The recent release of the WirelessHART standard will have a significant impact on the temperature transmitter market in the years to come,” adds ARC’s study, “Temperature Transmitter Worldwide Outlook.”

Lara Kauchak, director of Rosemount Temperature, a business unit of Emerson Process Management, explains, “Approximately 80% of the temperature points in an average plant are used for monitoring applications, making them a natural fit for wireless communication.”

Charles Larson, director of technology at Moore Industries-International, adds, “The popular choice will be instruments that measure multiple inputs and communicate over standard industrial buses such as Foundation fieldbus, Profibus, HART and Ethernet.”

Patti Pool
Products Editor
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Emerson Process Management
Rosemount 648 wireless temperature transmitter lets you take measurements in hard-to-reach or cost prohibitive locations. It provides measurement of a variety of sensor inputs including thermocouples, RTDs, ohms, millivolt and 4-20 mA signals. The transmitter provides WirelessHART communication and SmartPower provides an intrinsically safe power module with long battery life.
DSCP20 and SCTP20 loop-powered, software-configurable temperature transmitters are designed around an ASIC specifically engineered for thermocouple and RTD sensor interfaces. ASIC design allows users configuration of eight operational functions, selection of twelve industry-standard thermocouple types, three standard RTD types, and the selection of up to 270 inputs. The transmitters can be configured to the specific measuring task with a PC, an interface cable and the menu-driven DSCX-895 configuration software.
Thermocouple thermometers include a built-in stand for tabletop use. An optional hands-free accessory pack contains magnets that pop into the meter’s armor jacket to attach to metal objects and a strap to hang from a pipe or belt. The thermometer has an illuminated display, five-button control panel, Min/Max/Hold functions, °F/°C switchable ranges, automatic shutoff and low-battery indicator. It can be used with J, K and T thermocouples.
Athena Controls
EMC 4Z temperature controller offers all the control capabilities of four single-loop controllers, plus auto tuning on a 4.5-in. x 7-in. board that provides flexibility in embedded machine design applications. The board’s basic capabilities include four 16-bit analog inputs that can be standard process types (4-20 mA or 1-10 Vdc), or low-level sensors, such as TC, RTD, thermistor or smart sensors that require excitation voltages of 5, 10 or 15 Vdc. The board’s 14 MIPS processor handles the four PID control zones in addition to two encoder/counter inputs.
Phoenix Contact
Mini MCR-SL-PT100-LP configurable, loop-powered 6.2 mm PT 100 temperature transducer with power- bussing capabilities saves cabinet space and reduces installation time. The transducer is a configurable, three-way isolated temperature-measuring transducer. It’s suitable for connecting PT 100 RTDs in two-, three- and four-conductor connection systems in accordance with IEC 60751.
TS400 and TS500 PT 100 temperature sensors can be mounted directly or remotely, and sense a temperature range of -50 °C to 500 °C (-50 °F to 932 °F). Several process connections are available, and include compression fittings, thermowells and tri-clamp fittings. Sensors are available with two switch points, an analog current output with one switch point, and an analog voltage output with one switch point. The sensor’s multiple outputs are programmed via pushbuttons, and do not require regular maintenance calibration.
MP150 high-speed, infrared line scanner is a non-contact measurement solution that offers scan speeds up to 150 Hz. It has onboard Ethernet TCP/IP communication capability. During installation, the user connects directly to the line scanner without the need for any controller or connection boxes. Using existing industrial Ethernet infrastructure, the line scanner can be assigned a unique IP address and accessed from any computer on the network. To speed up alignment, the line scanner has an internal line laser, which indicates the exact line-of-sight. A suite of software solutions also is available.
Moore Industries-International
TFZ programmable Foundation fieldbus temperature transmitter can be installed on the same segment with all standard Foundation fieldbus devices. It converts a temperature sensor input to a Foundation fieldbus H1, a two-way digital communication protocol that’s ready to interface to a DCS, computer-based SCADA system or asset management software. The temperature transmitter saves wire and installation costs by allowing up to 32 field devices (126 with repeaters) to be networked onto one, low-cost Foundation fieldbus H1 segment. It requires only 10.5 mA for normal operation.
Red Lion Controls
Line of thermocouples and temperature sensors with more than 50 sensor models is available in various sizes and configurations. Sensors can be combined with temperature meters, controllers and a line of accessories, including connectors, transmitters and extension wires for temperature measurement and control. Models include a series of quick-disconnect temperature probes featuring both miniature and standard connector terminations. RTD sensor models include the TMPRT001 surface-mount sensor that withstands high-vibration environments, and the TMPRT pipe plug RTD sensor delivers operation in pressure vessel applications.
Omega Engineering
Series CN63500 of temperature limit controllers provide independent shutdown for thermal processes. Dual four-digit displays allow viewing of the process temperature and limit set point simultaneously. The CE-compliant controller has a high-impact plastic case with a tinted NEMA 4X IP 65 front panel. It accepts signals from a variety of temperature sensors (thermocouple or RTD), and has programming that allows a variety of application requirements.
E Instruments Group, LLC
IRtec Rayomatic 14 non-contact IR pyrometer combines a ½-in. x 1-in.  sensor head and a remote display with control keys. Features include temperature range from -40 °F up to 1,700 °F; response time of 150 msec; three-color, backlit LCD display for alarm ID; adjustable emissivity, response time and signal processing with built-in programming keys; 20:1 and 2:1 optics; configurable outputs mV, V, TC, J/K; and head working temperature up to 375 °F without cooling.
Control Technology
M3-33C and M3-33D thermocouple modules have been added to the Model 5300 web-enabled controller that integrates motion control, I/O, user interfaces and enterprise connectivity. M3-33C module has eight 16-bit, ±100 mVdc analog inputs, while the M3-33D module has four inputs. Up to eight modules may be installed in one Model 5300 unit to accommodate applications requiring higher I/O counts.
Weed Instrument
Model 3312B moisture-resistant RTD is designed for autoclave steam sterilizer environments. Its proprietary cable material withstands moisture intrusion during pressure and vacuum cycling and meets USP Class VI requirements. It comes in multiple sheath and lead-wire jacket diameters, and in a sharp-pointed version for insertion into rubber-capped vials, bottles and sterile bags.

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