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HART Test System Release 3.2 now available

Nov. 30, 2015
Designed to automate testing of the Data Link Layer and Application Layer of wired HART products

FieldComm Group has announced the availability of Release 3.2 of the HART Test System (HCF_KIT-192), which is designed to automate testing of the Data Link Layer and Application Layer of wired HART products. This includes verifying compliance to all revisions of the HART Protocol Specifications and HART Test Specifications.

The HART Test System is an integral part of FieldComm Group's HART Device Registration program. The system helps to assure the interoperability of devices produced to the HART standard regardless of the device manufacturer. In this way, users can buy a device that is HART Registered with confidence, knowing it will work with the devices already installed in their plant.

The HART Test System Release 3.2 update addressed various testing performance issues and streamlined device testing as per developer feedback. This, in turn, will drive greater value and efficiency for manufacturers of HART instrumentation.

All QA/QC processes on the latest HART Test System have been completed, including regression tests confirming proper operation of each failure point (FP) in corresponding HART Test Specifications. Specific updated tests include:

  • Slave Token-Passing Data-Link Layer Tests
  • Universal Command Tests
  • Common Practice Command Tests

The new release is available for immediate download and installation on all HART Test Systems covered by the HSP.

For additional information, visit the HART Tools page on the FieldComm Group website or call 512-792-2301.