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Banner's Q45 Wireless Photoelectric Sensors Brochure

Sept. 13, 2012
Banner's Q45 Wireless Photoelectric Sensors Are Secure, Flexible, Reliable, Scalable and Self-contained

Wireless photoelectrics that meet the demands of industry. Solve challenging factory applications or add sensing to existing industrial systems. Banner SureCross Q45 is the first self-contained wireless standard photoelectric sensor solution designed for your most challenging control and monitoring applications.

  • Easily add a single photoelectric sensor in minutes without pulling cables
  • Quickly integrate a scalable, wireless sensor network infrastructure to improve efficiency by monitoring and coordinating multiple machines and processes.

SureCross Q45 photoelectric models:

  • Polarized Retroreflective
  • Convergent Visible
  • Remote Device Interface
  • Fiber Optic

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