AutomationDirect's Productivity3000 Controller

Aug. 20, 2014
AutomationDirect's Productivity3000 controller now supports the ODVA's EtherNet/IP as a standard protocol.

Through its embedded Ethernet port, the P3-550 CPU can support EtherNet/IP configurable as a scanner or adapter (or both simultaneously). The P3-550 CPU can communicate to devices using either Explicit messaging or Implicit I/O messaging methods. These two common implementations offer access to the majority of the EtherNet/IP devices available in the industry, including third-party controllers, drives and other I/O hardware.  In Scanner mode, the P3-550 CPU supports up to 128 total connections with a maximum of 32 devices. Enabling the CPU to support and exchange EtherNet/IP messages simply requires completing fill-in-the-blank style configuration and Message instruction windows in the programming software. To assist with implementation, diagnostic tags are available to help determine which layer of the protocol may be preventing successful communications.

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