Samsara Partner Insights

Feb. 22, 2021

The case for remote monitoring as a service

Automated Dairy, an OEM, maintenance and service company supporting dairy operations across the Western United States, introduced its automated TURBOSPRAY system with equipment monitoring that improves its service team’s efficiency, optimizes maintenance and delivers an exceptional customer experience. Here's how Samara technology helped.

Out-of-the-box monitoring boosts industrial dryer uptime

Gryphon Environmental provides large industrial dryers to commercial and residential customers. Gryphon’s advanced technology consists of a customizable continuous belt drive system that is automated and maintenance-friendly. Here's how Gryphon embedded remote monitoring technology into the dryers, enabling them to offer their customers an “expert eye” for efficient troubleshooting and proactive maintenance, and how Samsara helped. Read more.

Pumping provider IDs #1 way to prevent spills

Located in Southern California, Charles King Co. is the go-to bypass pumping contractor for some of the largest wastewater and stormwater projects in the region. Looking to deliver the best possible service and reliability to clients, with the help of Samsara, it uses technology to provide real-time advanced equipment monitoring for their systems. “We’re in a zero-spill business here. We absolutely cannot have any incidents of overflows, and remote monitoring helps us achieve that," says Steve Radaich, general manager. Read more.

The impact of remote monitoring for CNG Direct

In search of a remote monitoring solution for their expansive fleet, CNG turned to its trusted integrator, Western States Controls, who helped them choose Samsara technology as the best solution for the job, allowing them to rely on the power of easy-to-use dashboards and alarms to reduce refueling times and proactively prevent customer downtime. Read more.

Creating new digital services? Here’s what to consider

Digital aftermarket services offer differentiation in a competitive market and can also reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs, improve servicing and job costing, and open new recurring revenue streams. With so many options for buying or building, it’s important to establish a set of criteria for evaluating technology. Here, we break down some of the criteria you should consider when selecting technology on which to base new digital service offerings. Read more.

Why your next SCADA system should leverage the cloud

Cloud-based SCADA systems are part of the larger Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). They offer a consolidated technology stack for easy deployment across your operations—no matter the scale. This simplified SCADA architecture allows for real-time monitoring and alerts, remote visibility, and is easier to install, streamlining deployment. Read more.

Will your remote monitoring solution scale as needed? 

To help their customers minimize their carbon footprints, Certarus relies on sensor data to monitor the safety and efficiency of their operations. As their business expanded in the past few years, they became aware of a few key issues with their existing technology that included poor transmission reliability—resulting in gaps in data—and data that was siloed across multiple systems. This is how Samsara's IIoT platform helped the company overcome these challenges as it grew. Read more.

How Cobb Water prevents pump burn-out

After taking on responsibilities for nine surrounding districts, Cobb Area Water District in Lake County, Calif., turned to remote monitoring to provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to monitor tank levels and prevent costly pump burn-outs. Here's how remote monitoring from Samsara has delivered a plethora of benefits. Read more.

A faster path to remote visibility

The IG41 is the cornerstone of a “pre-integrated,” all-in-one solution that effectively combines hardware, software and cloud functionality. It effectively consolidates the infrastructure needed for remote monitoring, leading to less time and money spent on configuration and installation, and fewer potential points of failure. Here's how Certarus has benefitted from the industrial gateway. Read more.

Water district gains real-time visibility into operations

The City of Chowchilla chose to partner with Samsara to deploy a cloud-based SCADA system. Today, the team has real-time visibility of their entire water system, from flow rates to pump status and vibration levels. Learn about the benefits the City of Chowchilla realized with the help of Samsara. Read more.

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