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The connectivity and compatibility of the Micro Motion 4700 Coriolis transmitter

Nov. 2, 2023
A Control Amplified podcast with Brett Sibel, product manager at Emerson

Emerson recently launched the Micro Motion 4700 Coriolis Config I/O transmitter. To explore its capabilities, Control editor-in-chief Len Vermillion spoke with Brett Sibel, product manager at Emerson.

Sibel worked as a product engineer and product manager in various industries such as electronics, biomedical design and automation solutions, so he understands the varying needs of plant managers.

Len Vermillion: What’s exciting about the Micro Motion 4700 Coriolis transmitter?

Brett Sibel: The 4700 is our newest mid-tier transmitter. It's our first Coriolis transmitter with Bluetooth wireless communications. Its other features include a retrofit adapter that lets users upgrade legacy transmitters to the 4700 without having to replace the sensor that our customers have known for their reliability. Another important feature is the diagnostic tools. It has Smart Meter Verification, which is Emerson’s proprietary software that shows the meter’s health without stopping your process. Our customers can feel confident that the meter they're currently using will work with our upgraded electronics in this transmitter.

Len Vermillion: How does Bluetooth create an advantage for users and how can they connect to a transmitter via Bluetooth?

Brett Sibel: We have an application at the Google Play store called the AMS Device Configurator. It lets users connect remotely with an Android product. In the future, we're going to have an iOS version of the app. This application works across all Emerson products that have Bluetooth, such as some pressure and level products.

Len Vermillion: You also mentioned the retrofit adapter. Who can benefit from upgrading to the 4700 from a retrofit?

Brett Sibel: Many of our customers have had the Micro Motion 1700 and 2700 field- and integral-mount transmitters installed in their plants for a while. Those are our legacy electronics. The retrofit adapter allows these users to upgrade to the 4700 and take advantage of its diagnostic capabilities. The adapter allows for seamless integration into the existing sensor in their process. What's nice is they don't have to remove the sensor or buy a new sensor to be able to use the 4700 in that process line, saving a lot of money.

Len Vermillion: Which industries and applications is the Micro Motion 4700 designed for?

Brett Sibel: It can be used in any application. However, we anticipate high adoption in chemical and oil and gas industries. The main reason is those industries like the three available channels we provide with the 4700. They also like Bluetooth connectivity, which takes away the need for a hot permit. It lets them connect remotely, so they’re not in a hazardous environment, improving personnel safety. Therefore, we anticipate higher adoption in chemical and oil and gas, even though any process industry can benefit from this transmitter.

Len Vermillion: Emerson is also launching the Micro Motion G-Series flow and density meter. How do these two products complement each other?

Brett Sibel: We’re launching both products on a similar timeline. G-Series is our most compact Coriolis flowmeter and is very lightweight. It’s the most compact dual-tube on the market today. We see a higher adoption into other industries, such as chemical, life sciences, food and beverage, and OEMs. Since the 4700 can be integrated and remotely mounted to all line sizes of the G-Series, they complement each other very well in these spaces.

Len Vermillion: What other sensors are compatible with the 4700?

Brett Sibel: Our existing Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis mass flowmeters are fully compatible with the 4700, and those are our preferred meters for critical applications, such as custody transfer or two-phase flow. Other meters that are compatible include the Micro Motion F-Series, R-Series, T-Series and H-Series sensors.

Len Vermillion: What else should we know about the 4700?

Brett Sibel: It has three available channels, so some of the channel inputs and outputs are a 4-20 mA output. It also has a frequency and discreet output, as well as a discreet input and an RS485 Modbus connection. In addition, our products have a real-time clock, which allows the use of Smart Meter Verification to get timestamps on that meter information. This product also has an aluminum housing that's Class 1, Division 1 and Zone 1 compatible as well as having CSA ATEX and IECEx approvals at launch.

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