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The many benefits and advantages of Coriolis technology

Jan. 30, 2024
A Control Amplified podcast with Thomas Sautier, director, sensor product management, Emerson

Coriolis meters have many benefits and advantages for process industry applications. Coriolis technology continues to gain popularity with operators because it offers a more direct approach to flow measurement than traditional flowmeters.

Control’s editor-in-chief, Len Vermillion, asked Thomas Sautier, director of sensor product management at Emerson, about the innovative capabilities of Coriolis flowmeters, including the Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis flow and density meters, in this episode of Control Amplified. Specifically, they discussed how the technology can benefit industrial applications.


Len Vermillion: Can you tell us what's new and innovative about Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis flow and density meters?

Thomas Sautier: Micro Motion G-Series provides the essential features of a dual-tube Coriolis flowmeter in an ultra-compact design, making it easier to acquire and install. For example, the 1-in. line size has a form factor three times smaller than Micro Motion F-Series sensors. This compact size offers lower weight, easier handling, a smaller package, space savings, easier installation and fewer emissions. In addition, G-Series has universal, laser-etched tagging, which includes information on identification and tag numbers.

G-Series is also easier to size and select with Emerson’s digital tools. It’s also easier to connect and configure with the latest Micro Motion electronics, including the 1600 compact transmitter with Ethernet and 4700 Series Coriolis configurable inputs and outputs transmitter, which offers extended Input/Output connectivity and wireless Bluetooth for configuration. Finally, G-Series is ready for predictive maintenance with powerful diagnostics and Smart Meter Verification software.

Len Vermillion: Who might benefit most from these innovations, and why?

Thomas Sautier: First, large industrial customers, who need a trusted, single-source Coriolis meter for all their measurement needs at the best performance and cost ratio. We want to upgrade their installed base to the latest technology without extra costs thanks to the most compact Coriolis to match any retrofit installation.

Second, those who must reduce the total installed cost of their project with flowmeters will benefit. G-Series not only offers mechanical installation costs savings because it’s compatible with compact installation and existing piping, but also cabling cost savings because it has two-wire electronic and wireless configuration. It also reduces maintenance costs with Smart Meter Verification, and offers an optimized capital cost for the devices.

Finally, it will benefit anyone looking to replace traditional flow devices to improve safety, reduce energy and minimize emissions. G-Series is a flow game changer, offering drop-in replacement with no extra costs for piping and cabling installation, and better measurement accuracy, as well as available data for digital transformation readiness.

Len Vermillion: What applications are most suitable for G-Series?

Thomas Sautier: G-Series is for all types of flow applications that require a direct mass of volume flow or a density measurement up to 0.1% accuracy for liquid, 0.5% for gas and 5 Kg/m3 for density. It can deliver large flow range ability with 8:1 turndown for applications up to 100 bar and 150 °C process conditions. It’s available for all line size from ¾ in. to 3 in. 

Len Vermillion: Why is Coriolis' technology, and thus Micro Motion G-Series, an important addition to the market?

Thomas Sautier: Coriolis meters have many advantages over other measurement technologies, including direct mass flow measurement capability, no moving parts, and multiviable outputs for density—all in one device. When selecting a Coriolis flowmeter, two major considerations are size and cost. It can be tough to justify a Coriolis meter for a basic application when another technology might be good enough, but the user doesn't get all the benefits they’ll get from a Coriolis flowmeter.

Micro Motion G-Series increases the overall accessibility of Coriolis technology as a flow measurement solution, which couldn’t previously be considered because of the larger installation measurement footprint or the capital expenses of other solutions. Users value Coriolis accuracy and diagnostics. The size and the cost of Micro Motion G-Series enables using Coriolis technology where it wasn't possible in the past.

Len Vermillion: Technology changes and innovation evolves, mainly due to the growing needs of industry. What's next for G-Series?

Thomas Sautier: The main addition will be the expansion to additional line sizes, such as DN 40 or 1-1/2 in. This will be the next step for G-Series; the intention is to have a fully scalable portfolio that meets exact application flow ranges.

Also, the release of a hygienic version will be compliant with industrial standards for life sciences and food and beverage applications. It will also be available with all the necessary process condition for sanitary use, and as well as 15 Ra andarray and 30 Ra area finishes for wetted parts. 

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