Top 10 articles from July 2019

Aug. 9, 2019
From cybersecurity to the results from the 2019 salary survey, these were the Top 10 articles on during the month of July.

10. Control's 2019 salary survey
Following three straight years of declines in average age and two years of decreased average salaries, the respondents to Control's annual salary survey reported their 2019 average pay actually increased from last year, even though average age continued to fall. Read more.

9. Refinery of the future less focused on fuels
Integrated refineries and petrochemical plants are the “Refineries of the Future,” said Honeywell's Carrie Eppelheimer. Integrating petrochemical capabilities helps refineries “Get the maximum value out of every drop of crude oil, and respond to market drivers.” Read more.

8. Cyber security risk ratings cannot accurately assess cyber risk across industrial ecosystems
Joe Weiss offers his thoughts on the latest Bitsight report, “Analyzing Utilities Sector Cybersecurity Performance," noting that the report represents the culture and governance issues that are implicated in the response to control system cybersecurity. Read more.

7. Common methods, best practices for IIoT solidify
It was inevitable the Internet would support and take over from fieldbuses and their protocols. The only question now is how make it simple, effective and secure in process applications. Read more.

6. Evaluating FMEA, FMECA and FMEDA
From a methodology point of view, FMEA, FMECA and FMEDA are the same thing. Yet, they have a few critical differences. Read more.

5. Many control system vulnerabilities are not “new," they are often just rediscovered
On July 30, Armis announced it discovered 11 zero-day vulnerabilities (named “URGENT/11”) that impact the VxWorks operating system, including six that are critical. Joe Weiss notes that new control system vulnerabilities often are not new, rather rediscovered and not adequately disclosed or addressed. Read more.

4. Chernobyl did not need to occur
This accident proved once more what experienced control engineers have all learned: that a process must be understood before it can be controlled. Read more.

3. Getting the project right
A successful automation project depends on capturing the expertise and knowledge of many people and keeping them involved. To ensure ongoing understanding, Mike LaRocca developed a series of documents for an automation project. Read more.

2. Top 50 Automation Companies of 2017: Digitalization takes over
The storm surge of digital transformation, driven by the IIoT, cloud computing, advanced analytics and the push to managed services, continues to transform how the Top 50 do business. Read more.

1. Results from NREL’s Assessing the Impact of Cybersecurity on the Nation’s Wind Farms Workshop
Joe Weiss outlines the highlights from the recent "Assessing the impact of cybersecurity on the nation's wind farms" workshop, at which approximately 50 participants from wind turbine and control system suppliers, and other stakeholders participated. Read more. 

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