Top 10 articles from April 2019

May 1, 2019
From specifying control valves to artificial intelligence, these were the Top 10 articles on during April

1. How to specify a control valve
Eric Lofland discusses the valve anatomy, data sheets and problems that were covered at the ISA Will-DuPage chapter meeting in January. Read more.

2. Faulty sensor data, automation software cited for Boeing 737 Max crashes
A grim lesson for why we must continuously train operators on new software, sensors and components. Read more.

3. Best practices for PID
PID control is used in more than 99% of the loops for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage production. The opening challenge with PID control is recognizing the effect of PID form, structure and tuning units. Read more.

4. Differential pressure level in a purged tank
When using a differential-pressure (DP) level transmitter, are the high and the low pressure ports reversed if the tank is purged with nitrogen? Read more.

5. Dangerous cyber attacks may not be detected by network monitoring – engineers are also needed
Sophisticated cyberattacks can be misidentified as malfunctions. Joe Weiss discusses how the 2017 Triconex cyberattack was a result of insufficient network monitoring and threat detection. Read more.

6. UL panel upholds ISA appeal of UL cybersecurity standard
An appeals panel ruled in favor of the ISA in an appeal against UL 2900-2-2, Standard for Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Devices, Part 2-2: Particular Requirements for Industrial Control Systems. Read more.

7. 2019 Control Process Automation Hall of Fame: Nicholas Sands
Meet the first of this year's Control Process Automation Hall of Fame inductees, Nicholas Sands. Read more.

8. What's holding back mobile HMI?
Other than our industry’s traditional reluctance to adopt new technologies, what are some of the reasons and challenges faced by the mobile HMI? Read more.

9. Seeq adds 50 system integration partners
Seeq Corp. reported that it's added more than 50 system integration partners in the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and Asia, as well as new offices in Malaysia and Europe. Read more.

10. Can we control robots?
Automation opened a new age for mankind. First, it was a tool that served our as a substitute for our muscles and, later, for the routine functions of our brains. However, we’re starting to realize that we've "created" something that's much more than a tool to serve our comfort. Read more.

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