Innovations ignite ARC Forum

March 17, 2017
Beyond the cybersecurity and openness discussions, many solutions and services were presented and released during ARC's annual event.

Beyond the cybersecurity and openness discussions, many solutions and services were presented and released during ARC Industry Forum. Some of the most notable included:

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH introduced its HIMax safety PLC that can automatically diagnose up to 20,000 safety-critical events, and use their sequence-of-events data to evaluate process events, determine the root causes, and prevent future incidents. Another HIMax function will allow it to securely access and use HART data. 

Honeywell presented its Connected Plant program, which combines Honeywell UOP's domain knowledge, Honeywell Process Solutions' capabilities, and Honeywell's partner network to address industry problems with IIoT solutions with help from Honeywell's Sentience Cloud service.

Inductive Automation and Cirrus Link debuted their Ignition Edge HMI and SCADA software products for embedding in edge-of-network devices. The three products include Ignition Edge Panel for creating local HMIs for field devices; Ignition Edge Enterprise that acts as an agent gateway in a multi-gateway system using Ignition Enterprise Administration Module (EAM); and Ignition Edge MQTT by Cirrus Link, which uses MQTT to transmit data to any MQTT broker, and turns almost any field device into a MQTT-enabled edge gateway.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. reported Feb. 6 that its KBC Advanced Technologies subsidiary has launched its KBC Co-Pilot program to remotely support process plants with expertise and insight, supplementing the facility's own capabilities and resources.

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Siemens presented new and upcoming developments in its MindSphere cloud-based, open IoT operating system, including MindApps for using or creating software applications; MindSphere interface for developing customer-specific apps and using cloud services; and MindConnect open-standard, encrypted links via OPC-UA or other networks to enable plug-and-play between Siemens and third-party devices.

Bentley Systems Inc. reported the Connect editions of its AssetWise and ProjectWise software share and provide a connected data environment, upgrading a common data environment to realize the building information management (BIM) potential of digital engineering models, which are created during capital expenditures (CapEx) periods for continuous benefits throughout the operating expenditure (OpEx) lifecycle. Both Connect Editions will use Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

PAS Inc. announced Feb. 6 the latest release of its Cyber Integrity software, which now includes industrial control system baselines, allowing users to more easily monitor configuration changes that impact security, compliance, governance and operations.

United Electric Controls (UE) is offering free beta trials of its Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector, which has a five-year battery life, and is designed to maximize toxic or explosive gas detection points, Users that complete feedback surveys will get free use of a Vanguard system for 60 days.