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Product roundup: Enclosures don't get boxed in

March 6, 2017
Innovations added to cabinets, workstations and purge systems give users new flexibility and freedom.

Steel and safety

HN4WM Series enclosures are rated UL Type 4, CSA Type 4 and IEC IP66. They can be hosed down, installed in wet or dusty conditions, or used in outdoor applications. Manufactured from 12-gauge steel and finished in ANSI 61 gray, HN4WM's doors feature a three-point padlocking handle and seamless, poured-in-place gasket. The doors are attached with heavy-gauge, continuous hinges, and a removable inner panel is included.

Hammond Manuf

Light up every corner

Providing 900 to 1,200 lumens, LED System Light is reportedly the first UL E76083-approved lighting system designed for enclosures. It delivers up to three times the luminous flux of its closest competitor. Light is dispersed through a rotating, optical cover with a prism-like Fresnel lens for precise lighting and magnified light coverage. Its LED Compact light is safe, and has an extra-low voltage range of 100-240 VAC and 24 VDC. Installation is simple and integrated into the company's TS 8 modular enclosure.

Rittal Corp. 

Compact, flexible, automatic purge

Bebco EPS 5500 Series Type Z/Ex pz purge and pressurization system is fully automatic in a compact, 316L stainless-steel design, and has menu-driven programming and automatic leakage/temperature compensation. 5500 Series is an all-in-one solution for Div. 2/Zone 2 applications, and includes three components: control unit, EPV-5500 vent and a pneumatic solenoid or manual valve. It has third-party approvals for in NEC, CEC, IEC standards and CE directives for Class I,II,III/ Division 2 and Zone 2/22 environments.

Pepperl+Fuchs / 330-486-0002

More components and accessories 

Hoffman Proline modular enclosures have added 480 new components and accessories, including 16 new frame sizes and 23 new Proline packages that can be ordered from stock. Proline's cabinet platform is based on a welded steel rack, seamless foam seal and patented locking system. All new Proline products are part of Hoffman's Design Your Standard (DYS) option that allows customized designs. Pentair also offers a "Cool Combination" for ordering enclosures with an appropriate cooling solution.

Pentair plc / 800-525-4682

DIN rail-mount PCB enclosures

Modular PCB enclosures are available in 12.5-, 17.5-, 22.5-, 35-, 45- and 67.5-mm widths, so users can easily mount single or multiple printed circuit boards in a fully enclosed ventilated housing. These enclosures feature mounting supports for the PCB; various connector options; colored housings; top panel with option to access LEDs, trimmers or other devices; and an easy snap together design. The metal mounting foot of the PCB enclosure ensures a stable and secure hold to standard DIN rails.

Automation Systems Interconnect

UL-listed HMI cover

ARCA IPW is a UL-listed, NEMA 4X instrument protection window. Featuring a secure, low-profile, continuous hinge design, as well as sleek integrated quarter-turn locks, ARCA IPW creates a dry, dust-free environment. It successfully provides access to HMI controls on any enclosure for both security and safety. Sized at 12 x 10 x 3.3 in., ARCA IPW claims to have the deepest working area and largest viewing space on the market.

FIBOX / 888-342-6987

Cooling in the field

Hybricool IP65-rated water coolers combine active and passive cooling technologies to let users configure field protection cabinets and shelters with reliable cooling to protecting remote and mission-critical control and instrumentation equipment. The two cooling technologies cooperate to handle extreme climatic conditions or maintain continued operation in the event of one system failing. If electrical power fails completely, the passive cooling system continues to operate indefinitely, maintaining low shelter temperatures until maintenance work can be performed. Hybricool water coolers are housed in tough, glass-reinforced polyvester (GRP) enclosures, which are suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

Intertec Instrumentation Ltd. / 888-875-8756

NEMA 4 computer enclosure

NEMA 4 Titan (IS602827-04) computer enclosure protects against dust, dirt, grease, and hose directed water in an industrial setting. Its body is made of 14-gauge welded steel, and has 12-gauge door thickness. It stands 60 in. high x 28 in. wide x 27 in. deep. Titan's finish is a polyester powder paint available in blue, gray or any custom RAL color.

Titan can be customized with various accessories; including sliding shelf brackets, 19-in. wide rack mount rails, sealed cable entry glands, power strips, industrial keyboards or various thermal management options, such as a heat exchanger.

ITSenclosures / 800-423-9911

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