Resource Guide: Enclosures, panels and boxes

Aug. 25, 2016
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Purge, pressurization guide

The 18-page introduction and technical review that leads off “Bebco EPS purge/pressurization systems engineers guide” thoroughly covers considerations involved in explosion-proof enclosures, intrinsic safety (IS), enclosure protection systems, and the environments and contexts in which they operate. It defines hazardous areas, details NFPA and ISA design standards, presents pressurization system designs, demonstrates enclosure connections, details indicators, alarms and cutoffs, and answers common questions. It’s available here

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All kinds of enclosures overview

This 12-page Power Point document, “Protecting automation equipment” by Pentair Hoffman, covers all the fundamental types and capabilities of the enclosures typically used in process control and automation. It’s available here

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Preventing explosions 

This online article, “Using Purge and Pressurization to Prevent Explosions” by Sean Clarke of Epsilon Technical Services Ltd., covers purge control units, standards and certification, European and North American zoning requirements, practical enclosure implementation, supply and return of purging medium, temperature classification, internal energy storage and release source, and certification and testing. It’s available here

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Enclosures with controls 

The 17-page “Condensed guide to automation control system specification, design and installation” from AutomationDirect has sections on system identification and safety, control device specification, design and build/launch/maintain, but it also covers enclosure requirements. It’s located here.  

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Back to Basics: Sampling systems

The six-minute video, “Back to basics: sampling systems,” explains many of the technical issues involved in applying  enclosure-based sampling systems, including efforts by the New Sampling Sensor Initiative (NeSSI). It’s located here.  

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Outdoor panel protection 

This 15-page whitepaper, “Environmental Outdoor: Protecting Control Panels in Outdoor Environments,” describes the elemental forces impacting equipment outdoors, details protection standards, and provides design considerations and responses. It’s available here

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Purge and pressurize white paper

The six-page document, “Purge and pressurization whitepaper,” compares the technology to other protection methods, describe how it works, details various methods, shows system components, and also covers enclosures, gas supplies, cooling methods and certifications. It’s available here

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Video on purge/pressurization 

This 12-minute video, “5000Q purge and pressurization system components,” explains many basic aspects of these systems, while also demonstrating capabilities of Pepperl+Fuchs’s 5000Q solution. It’s presented by Chris Romano, purge/pressurization portfolio manager at P+F, who covers controls, solenoids, purge valves, filter regulator and other components. It’s located here

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Must-knows for panel picking 

This six-minute video, “Six things you must know before choosing a control panel enclosure,” boils down many of the essential considerations for designing and specifying the components and capabilities required of control panel enclosures. It’s located here

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