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Pentair improves panel integrators efficiencies

Jan. 13, 2016
Pentair's Hoffman Certified Modification Centers (HCMC) improve panel integrators efficiencies. No more time wasted.

Pentair's new offering of locally modified enclosures through its Hoffman Certified Modification Centers (HCMC) is improving panel integrators efficiencies. The HCMCs are equipped with a Steinhauer ModCenter, and are capable of drilling, tapping and milling in virtually any shape, size or enclosure material.

Pentair, a leading global provider of systems and solutions that safeguard industrial controls, electrical components, communications hardware, electronic devices, pipelines, processes and buildings, is utilizing existing CAD files, and allowing integrators to easily order modified enclosures from the distributors’ local inventory, therefore improving lead time.

According to Rick Maday, Pentair's marketing manager, control system integrators are always seeking ways to deliver end solutions to their customers faster and at a more competitive price. In the past, the enclosure modifications were either manual modifications done in-house or automated but performed at the manufacturer's site.

"The Hoffman Certified Modification Centers now break this mold," said Maday. "Integrators can eliminate the time currently spent making holes and cutouts manually, and let their local Hoffman distributor deliver enclosures and back panels pre-drilled and ready to populate."

By utilizing the extensive local market inventory, integrators can enjoy pre-modified enclosures and back panels in as little as one day. Before this option was presented, integrators either approached the manual, in-house solution that resulted in meticulous hours of labor, adding time to the process. If instead, they opted to have the holes and cutouts done at the enclosure manufacturer, the end product would be very precise but the turnaround of these modifications would not be timely.

The HCMC eliminates manual holes and cutouts, allowing integrators to focus on what they do best: integrating. In addition, they can now deliver quality control solutions to their customers on time.

Click here and learn more about the HCMCs and the 14 locations where available across the United States.