nVent Hoffman Extreme Environments enclosures, air conditioners

Jan. 11, 2023

nVent Hoffman Extreme Environments line of stainless-steel enclosures and air conditioners are certified to the industry’s highest standards. The product line offers a durable, reliable solution for protection of critical equipment and system components in demanding environments.

Ideally suited for water, wastewater, oil and gas, offshore/coastal, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other extreme environments, the enclosures and air conditioners meet industry-leading ratings for protection against water and particulate ingress. All of the products in the portfolio are backed by aftermarket service, regional spare parts inventories and competitive standard warranties.

Built to easily handle challenging operating conditions, Extreme Environments enclosures are available in a full range of standard configurations, and also can be customized. The enclosures meet UL Type 4X, IEC IP66 and IP69 ratings to protect electrical, data and control mechanisms from corrosives, wind-driven water, broad temperature swings, humidity and UV rays. Extreme Environments enclosure solutions offer rugged stainless-steel design and ingress protection to prevent water and particulates from entering the enclosure, and avoiding component failure and unnecessary downtime. The enclosures also offer the following features that can maximize protection, enable easier maintenance and extend product life:

  • Adhesive-free, patent-pending, UL Listed gasket mounting for a reliable seal and easy replacement
  • Patent-pending hinge design, with lift-off door for easier maintenance and locking set screw to secure door in place
  • Multiple material options for corrosion resistance and reduced solar heat gain, including SS 304, white-painted SS 304 and SS 316L
  • Internal protection options, such as stainless steel or zinc-coated steel internal componentry for corrosive applications

The nVent Hoffman Extreme Environments air conditioner solutions can maintain extended periods of optimal cooling performance in the toughest of environments. Rated for IEC IP66, IP69 and IP69K, Extreme Environments air conditioners also offer the industry’s highest ingress protection to prevent water and particulates from entering, keeping critical components inside safe and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Designed for durability and performance, the air conditioners are suitable for foodservice and other sanitary environments. They feature an FDA-approved neoprene gasket, a fully sloped shroud and durable stainless-steel components. These features help eliminate liquid and particulate collection and bacteria growth, reducing downtime and replacement costs. The solutions also are washdown-ready with no need for additional protection

Extreme Environments air conditioners are available with options such as heaters and advanced corrosion protection packages. The air conditioners can be paired with the nVent Hoffman Extreme Environments enclosures or be retrofitted to an existing enclosure without modifications.