Eaton's Remote Terminals

June 23, 2014
Alarm Visualization System Checks Correct Data Transmission to the Display in Real Time

Eaton has launched a new tool for the plant engineers - the MTL GECMA RT remote operating terminal, which will help reduce operation costs, optimize productivity and increase plant safety. The next-generation terminal has a unique modular design features state-of-the-art technology with safety levels, making it optimal for use in hazardous areas in chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery and oil and gas industries worldwide.

The MTL GECMA RT consists of five electronic modules; the display unit, power supply, communications modules, keyboard and mouse. The terminal’s design means upgrades to existing installations are quick and easy, individual parts can be replaced simply on site, increasing plant availability. Modules are individually approved to global hazardous certification for Zone 1 environments. This offers safe handling on site and independent of the housing, and guarantees high reliability - worldwide.

It also features an intrinsically safe cable for secure data transmission. Users can specify an Ethernet or fibre optic cable between the control room and remote terminal, with no need for additional external cable protection. This provides a saving of approximately 50% of wiring cost.  The terminal also has a unique visual alarm to immediately warn users in the event of a process failure. The alarm visualization system checks the correct data transmission to the display in real time and alerts users by way of a flashing red icon, enabling them to act straight away to rectify the problem.