Workstations now Have Achilles Certification

Oct. 25, 2010
Customers Demand Security and Foxboro I/A Series DCS Workstations now Have Achilles Certification

Workstations now Have Achilles certification
Industrial Defender is not the only company beefing up security. Invensys Operations Management (IOM) has announced that Foxboro I/A Series distributed control system operator workstations have passed the Achilles Cyber Security Certification test, performed by Wurldtech Security Technologies. The testing was conducted on the Foxboro I/A Series Model P92 Workstation for Windows hardware and I/A Series AW70 human machine interface (HMI) software for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, including I/A Series FoxView, FoxAlert, Alarm Manager and System Manager applications.

The I/A Series Model P92 workstations are the first host-based devices (HBD) to achieve this globally recognized benchmark for communications security and robustness and join a long list of certified controller products that have achieved the Achilles Certified designation. As proposed by the ISA99 security standard, an HBD is a general-purpose device running a general-purpose operating system capable of hosting one or more applications or data stores. Examples include HMIs, engineering workstations, historian servers and domain controllers.

Customers Demand Security
"Our customers demand the utmost in secure process control systems," said Ernie Rakaczky, IOM security program manager. "The testing conducted using the Achilles Test Suite covers the most common cyber security threats. IOM has also embraced the underlying requirement of a well-established software development life cycle that incorporates security fundamentally, and has also adopted Achilles Certification as an integral part of our QA strategy."